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Josef Zezulka – BYTÍ – EXISTENCE
A Philosophy for Life


Let’s repeat briefly the main points:

Everything pulsates in 4 strokes. This is life. The entire universe pulsates. A time will come when the universe we live in will glow up and its matter will disperse into individual atoms. In that phase its matter is gaseous, centrifugal force rules here. Particles of matter repel each other. There are only immaterial force centres in the universe moving around the universe in such a way and on such paths as today’s planets. They are the remnants or force frame of a former universe and the foundations of future planets in the form of energy.

In the next phase of the cosmic rhythm, a centripetal impulse appears in space. By its inf luence the dispersed matter concentrates around the force centres. More around the stronger ones, less around the weaker ones, it depends on how much matter individual centres can draw. In this way planets emerge at given centres of force. They are formed by glowing gas in the beginning. In another phase the impulse of coldness, peace comes. The existing glowing matter calms down, cooling occurs (we live in this phase today) to be followed by another phase when the entire universe becomes glowing again.

This is one breathing rhythm of the universe. A glowing universe disperses then concentrates, cools down, glows, disperses, cools down, glows etc. It pulses in 4 strokes as everything – it breathes as everything. Life is the rhythm of the Creative Four. How did everything arise?

There is no past. There is no future. Everything is now. There is an eternal and infinite Podstata and Creative Work which we are used to comprehending only in the time division and succession. The Podstata and the Creative Work are just two poles of one existence and together form the eternal form of existence. It contains all the transformations we are able to comprehend in succession. They have neither beginning nor end, they are not evolutionarily lower and higher, they are in a closed circle which lacks dimensional limitations at its sides, it appears circular in its sides as well and so it – for our limited ability of comprehension – forms a sphere.

The small, very small creature that has evolved in the line of creatures on our planet only to the creature called “human“ and that is approximately in the middle of the evolutionary line, tries hard to estimate his eternal and infinite existence. This is however limited to human possibilities which are not remarkably high. But nothing can be done about it. We can comprehend only what we are able to, and that’s why we will deliberately look at another problem from the point of view of time and space which carry progression and dimension.

Force separated from the Podstata, this force was the Podstata, only separate, like sea water in a glass is still the sea, only separate from it. The separate part of the infinite and eternal Podstata is the substance of the Creative Work. The Creative Work emerges from it by influence of the “Creative Four”. It is as follows:

The original podstata part divided into two parts one of which is matter in the Creative Work and the other is spirit. These material and spiritual parts divided, each into four parts according to the law of the Creative Four. Those parts are: centripetal, centrifugal, quiescent and glowing. The same qualities are present in matter as well as in spirit. And so the Creative Work emerged and continued to evolve.

When favourable conditions occurred on our planet, in the time of its cooling, existing inorganic matter and inorganic spirit merged and created the first organic matter (body) and inorganic spirit (being).

The first most primitive being evolved. In successive lives it gained experience, reincarnated and grew. It went through evolution with four phases which obviously correspond with the Creative Four. At first it was a vegetal being with passive life manifestation and evolution, then a being of lower animals with an active life manifestation but still passive evolution. In the third phase, beginning with man, active evolution begins alongside active life manifestation. In the fourth phase, which is still in distant future for us, active passivity will come.

The Creative Four manifests itself in these evolutionary phases as follows: The first vegetal phase is characterised by centripetency. The second – animal one is that of fire. The third beginning at man is centri fugal since the thinking of an individual unit is moving towards the whole. The fourth is quiescent which is works on finishing the notion of the highest unit of the Creative Work and in the end it transfers into notion “I am everything that exists as well that does not”.

The character of each component of the Creative Four can be expressed in different ways: by a colour, sound, power, state and so on, but it is always one single character or we can say a “vibration”.

The centripetal force can be expressed as the element of earth, yellow in all shades, the solid state and the long sound E*.

The centrifugal force as the element of air, blue, the gaseous state and the long sound I*.

The quiescent force of coldness as the element of water, green, the liquid state and the long sound U*.

Agitating glowing force as the element of fire, red, it transforms all the states, it is expressed by the long sound A*.

In the Creative Four the order of the components is as follows: At the podstata component of the Creative Work, i.e. the first which separated from the Podstata and it is of the same quality as the Podstata, the basis is complemented with the original infinite Podstata which is expressed by the long sound “O”* and in succession it gives us the overall expression IE-O-UA*, which was pronounced similarly to our JEHOVA by the Jews who must have known the law of the Creative Four and the Podstata.

In the Creative Work where “O”* is dropped, the genetic succession is expressed as IA-UE*, pronounced as JAHVE.

In the progression of the evolutionary stages between plant, animal, human and another higher being (in the phase of active passivity) there are periods of crisis between the stages. It is always when a new evolutionary unit begins a new phase. Man finds himself in such a period of crisis. Hence the chaotic thinking and unsettled life attitude, the possibility of self-destruction, but also the destruction of all life on the planet.

A being evolves through incessant reincarnation. From lower to higher creatures. Its growth is worked on all the time. We are talking about the inner being moving from the lower virus as far as to man and then on and on. This being lives many specific lives – individual lives – like every man lives for many days each of which is different and in which something important for his human evolution happens. An outer being – a specific being – is created with every specific life. It has its beginning at the birth of a child and finishes shortly before a new incarnation when has completed one episode in its life which we call the death of the body.

The outer being starts a different fate with every incarnation into a specific life. The fate is one cell of the overall fatality, i.e. the fate of the Creative Work. The fate is fixed, it just has its dimensions in which man deliberately moves, invigorates them and fulfils the given fate ether positively or negatively. According to this, he is a constructive component in his fate and the overall fatality, or a negative and destructive one. By his way of life in one fate he prepares the next fate which is as man earned by his behaviour in his previous life.

Therefore everybody should make an effort to learn the eternal life’s truth, to learn about life and its regularities to understand that it is necessary to be a positive component in the Creative Work, to help his own evolution, to make it easier and bring only good things to his subsequent lives and his environment. To understand the depth of the meaning of life and not to walk through lives as a blind man who always gets hurt by obstacles he cannot see.

An ignorant man, who only harms his environment and lower creatures by his life’s attitude, slows down his evolution and harms himself by the fact that he must reincarnate into lower creatures (e.g. man into animals) to comprehend his bad deeds and the evil he created. Having lived the required lower lives man returns to human incarnations where he manifests what he learned during his lower incarnations. This happens to men who still murder and torture lower creatures, it means they hunt game, catch fish, birds, breed lower creatures for their food, murder them and so on.

Man is created as a herbivore (fruit-eater, to be more precise). He tried to become accustomed to eating dead bodies of other creatures, but he did not. And it is not even desirable. The way ahead is impossible without coping with this tragic mistake. Before he sets out on any active spiritual journey, he must realise all creatures are equal, the value of every creature is the same, the law “you shall not kill nor shall you be the cause of killing” is valid for everyone – man is not a beast of prey but a creature of peace and he must abandon eating meat – murdering others for food. Then he abandons using harmful poisons – alcohol, smoking and drugs. There is surely no point in damaging our body and health and in blurring and deforming our mind. Perhaps because others do so? They are the ones who have not revised the mistakes of their ancestors by reason and copy the erroneous way of life without thinking. They usually cannot answer the question of why they harm themselves. We want to be different and we also realise why we should be different. After all, we are not mere monkeys that learned to copy, we are humans who already think.

The rhythm of life – the power of the Creative Four manifests itself everywhere and in everything. It is the breathing of a creature, changing of day and night, seasons of the year, four eras of the zodiac which influence the way of life for every 6000 years together with the basic attitude of mankind, its thinking and formation of fundamental cultures.

We have come through a centripetal period and we are approaching a centrifugal one. It is advisable to know these influences; it is good to learn of their 2000-year sub-eras with their complementary influence to be able to use them well and not to break the balance of our evolution by them. Then we’ll comprehend the period of crisis in which we now find ourselves and which repeats itself every 12000 years. This will contribute to our understanding of today’s man and to the understanding of the senseless behaviour of our human society. It is good for a boxer to know that a punch is coming. At least he can prepare for it.

Balance is fundamental. We arose from the balanced Podstata, and we return to the Podstata. Through the division of the podstata part into the Creative Four our own duality emerged. We can comprehend everything only in the duality. We comprehend good in connection with its counterpart – evil. We understand light and darkness, birth and death etc. These are not two sets of rules as it may seem, there is just one with two poles. Let us substantiate in our meditation and contemplation to understand good and evil as the law of action – birth and death as the law of existence etc. Let’s assemble the duality into unity since in this comprehension there is the way as well as the goal.

All creatures are equal. Nobody is more valuable than others. The one who is developed used to be small in the past. The one who is small today will be developed in the future. We are only put in different points of time with our evolutional dimension but our value within the Creative Work is the same. Therefore honour every man, be he primitive and uncultured since his value is the same as yours. Honour every other creature, be it the lowest form of life since his value is the same as yours. Since you already are at the human evolutionary level you should understand that you are here to serve within the Creative Work, not to rule. If you serve others, you serve yourself. Since in another stage of enlightenment you will discover that you are everything.

Remember how a spiritual teaching comes to this world. Occasionally a person is born who knows without being taught by the existing spiritual teachings and who brings his comprehension of “the fact of existence”. These fetchers bring the correct teaching but those who accept it from them and carry it on and whom I call the “transmitters” taint it by their lower understanding. They do it often with good intention but with the imperfection of incorrect explanations.

Do not want to only believe. Faith is one pole and knowledge is the other one. They form the law of understanding together and in balance. Learn regularities but be critical and you will be closer to the truth. The spiritual evolutionary journey is only one: to change ourselves, our opinions, our attitude towards life and every living thing. – There was never any other way and there never will be. So you can transform properly, you must learn the truth and evaluate information correctly so as not to accept anything that has been tainted. Then you won’t refer to blind faith, you will know.

We can divide mankind and its thinking roughly into four groups:

1) People who only know this material world and its interests. They are not interested in deeper understanding, they live only for matter.

2) The second group includes men who have already understood that there is something more than what they perceive by their five senses but they believe it lies beyond the possibility of their comprehension. Therefore they dedicate themselves to faith, mostly blind, and uncritically permit a preacher – Scripture – sect – church to lead them. They often gather in small private groups, recite prayers and learned phrases, listen to empty speeches about spiritual truths and almost every time they analyse some “Scripture”. They take on a fashionable mask of holiness and peace based on medieval church painting style. Their approach to spiritual truths is passive. Many groups engage in lower spiritism and often fall for illusions. Some of them move to a higher spiritism but this occurs only very rarely.

3) In the third group there are people who have already started seeking and many of them approach spiritual problems more or less critically. They often grope around in their seeking; they accept various doctrines, change them often but already strive for their own activity. Many of them are led by their desire for an active approach to various mystical or yoga exercises, and they want to master themselves and to make their evolution faster. The effects of these exercises are various. They usually direct man centripetally to himself and move him away from the whole. They often prepare him for the journey of philosophy and for a change of his psychic form.

4) Evolved people belong to the fourth and most valuable group. They transform their psychic form in a goal-oriented way on their journey of philosophy and draw closer to the understanding of the highest of problems and to the unification with them and with all life anywhere and anytime.

The meaning of life is not found in living from birth to death only with enough effort for ensuring our existence. If we understand the spiritual laws well – the substance and the goal, we will comprehend the meaning of life and the entire existence. Everything written here is directed towards achieving this.

For a better understanding of existence, remember the correlation of everything with everything. There is the basic idea of the Creative Work behind everything, which manifests itself within various life situations and we perceive it accordingly.

For example, the quality and psychic composition each man has attained during his evolution corresponds among other things with value of numbers – or it can be converted to numbers. We do not know yet, how to do it exactly but we know at least the basis. We know that a man can be born only on a particular date that correlates to his quality.

The manifestations of the Creative Four are cor related, shape of the body corresponds with the psychic form and man looks according to what he is like in his inner self. Force ratios, life rhythms etc. are correlated, too.

Respect every fundamental philosophical piece of wisdom. Much has already been revealed to man. Great truths have already been given to mankind. The mistake is that people were not always able to accept them fully and correctly, and that they corrupted them to a greater or lesser extent when transferring them to later generations.

Sometimes they were given in plain speech, sometimes in the form of a beautiful poem; they contain a lot of truths but also undesirable human sediments. Evaluate everything by your criticality, logic, learned correlation and analogy. Keep the clear and logical, be faithful to the learned, pass it to others and clarify further.

As soon as you have understood yourself as an inseparable part of everything – universal and extra universal forms, then full understanding (enlightenment) will be open to you and this is the meaning and purpose of all spiritual work. Then you will realise that other creatures (not only humans) should be put above yourself, who should be in second place. Then you will become a servant who will work on everything positive within the Creative Work and you will not want to be a ruler of the lower ones. Remember the nation that used to be the chosen one for the last 6000 years but which by its desire to rule and subdue everything caused only constant suffering and perdition. Evolved man who has understood necessarily becomes the protector and servant of all which is lower.

I notify you again that I present the opinions I have accepted in my state of connection. They surely are not fully identical with contemporary opinions of religious thinkers or scientists. I do not want them be viewed as the obstinate truth. Verify them with your logic and critical thinking, life laws, analogy and with everything that can be used for verifying. Then they may become a way of understanding the podstata truth and the spiritual evolutionary journey. If you vindicate me, it will be good even if I do not learn of it. It does not matter. If you do not agree with me, you certainly have right to do so. After all, we are different people and we need not think in the same direction although it would be ideal if the direction was the correct one.

In the future other people, with high mental attitude, will come. They will deepen what we know today and adapt it to their period. Then, even later on, everything will be adapted again by other higher incarnates. Everything is in steady ascending evolution, including the teaching.

Take this, whoever wants to do so, and let it be useful to him.

Josef Zezulka


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