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Josef Zezulka – BYTÍ – EXISTENCE
A Philosophy for Life


The Podstata

is the fundamental timeless and dimensionless existence – it’s the original nucleus from which everything has arisen. The Podstata is the highest term and the basis of what we understand as reality as well as that which is not yet real for us – it defies sensory perception. Everything – both visible and invisible – is present within it. From it,

The Creative Work
(Tvůrčí dílo)

arose, which is principally the same as the Podstata, although it is only a limited part of it. The Creative Work separated from the Podstata and created what we perceive with our senses – what we see, touch, hear, taste and smell. The Creative Work originated through the process of separation of a part from the Podstata. From it – matter, spirit and vital forces (souls) – arose. The matter, spirit and vitality crystallised into four basic elements. I call this distinctive action and division

The Creative Four
(Tvůrčí čtyřka).

The Creative Four is represented by four creative principles: centripetal force, centrifugal force, heat and cold. They created matter, spirit and vitality (soul) from the Podstata.


forms the opposite of matter by the creative division of the principal part. The character of the Spirit is mental. In the beginning, as an inorganic spirit, it stands out separately out from matter. Later, when favourable conditions occur on the planet, a small part of it unites with matter and the prevalent part of it remains inorganic. It is analogical with its antipole – the matter, where again just a small part of our planet’s matter is transformed into organic, while the prevalent part stays inorganic. From the connection of the material and spiritual parts,

A Being

emerges. Originally, it is very primitive and we can call it, for example, a “virus”. During the course of time, it reincarnates into higher and higher evolutionary species and it thus improves itself. Initially it reincarnates as plant-life, then it transforms into the animal kingdom and progresses higher and higher as far as the human form and over many human incarnations it will advance further into higher evolutional species. The being is in one part of life incarnate, in the other part it is non-incarnate. For a part of its existence it lives in a body that is put aside one day. We say that a creature dies. A Being puts its inadequate body aside, for the rest of its life it lives without a body and then it reincarnates again into new material life. The Being comprises of material and spiritual (or psychic) parts. What goes through material as well as the spiritual part, is

The Soul

which is their vital life-force. Both inorganic matter and inorganic spirit have their own life, life-force – the soul. When the matter and spirit connect and create an incarnate being, both soul currents connect and create the organic soul or vital force – biological force – bio-energy. It is a part of the being – it is its life. A Being has


it is aware of its existence and it widens and improves this consciousness in the course of evolution. The Being goes from the smallest elementary unit towards higher and higher creatures. It grows, lives and I call this being

The Inner being
(Vnitřní bytost)

or deep being and I call its consciousness

The Sub-consciousness

or “deep consciousness”. The memory of past lives is stored here, usually at least the most recent lives. The Inner being lives many, many lives, just as a human lives many, many days from birth to death. I call each individual life

The Specific life
(Specifický život).

This is the life that for example you, the reader of these lines, have been living from your birth till this moment. You cannot remember your previous life and the next one is just being prepared by your present deeds and attitude towards everything and everybody. That’s because your attitude and your deeds don’t disappear, they reflect. I call this process

The Law of reflection
(Zákon odrazu).

It is perhaps the law known as Karma by the people of India. It is a law that is irrevocable and absolutely fair. Every man demonstrates with his deeds and attitude towards life what he is really like. His activity is reflected and selects his future fate from the great palette of the Creative Work’s fates. In it, he will live his next specific life. We prepared our current life in our past life by the law of reflection. How do we achieve a better life in the future – how do we reach our goal faster and better, how do we rid ourselves of life’s struggle and human pain, how do we become happy and satisfied in our lives? This will be written further on in my work.

It would be a pity if one didn’t understand the presented doctrines just because of ignorance of the terms. But it would be even a greater pity if one didn’t understand them well. That’s why I am presenting these lines.


I am sitting in peace and putting my mind into the great truth with no time or dimensional limits. From here, the mind returns to understanding the Creative Work that originated in the infinite Podstata and tries to understand it completely.

We are searching for the truth of life, to make sense of all the events around us and within us. We seek the most comprehensible answer to the ancient question concerning the entire existence of mankind.

Let’s set ourselves free from all we have learnt so far and start again, this time from a different point of view, with a different approach and under the influence of a different era – the incoming era of the constellation of Aquarius.


Life is pulsating. The eternal rhythmic pulsing that we can observe in various aspects of our lives. Within man it manifests itself as the regular beating of the heart and in the rhythm of breath. On our planet by the changing between day and night. In the solar system by the creative period (spring and summer) and destructive period (autumn and winter). It manifests itself wherever life exists because it is life itself. We can see it in the rhythmic changes in the fundamental influences of the long eras of the zodiac, or in the pulsations of the universe. It is the eternal pulsations in all areas of life which we can comprehend.

The foundation and origin of life is separation. When the fundamental component arose from the quiescent Podstata to create the “Creative Work”, it subdivided. By this sub-division, dimensions arose. The two poles of the single fundamental component were placed in opposition to each other. Everything that exists emerged through this sub-division. This explains why everything has two poles and therefore has dimension, which is unknown in the Podstata. In every particle of the Creative Work there is duality. Everywhere we can see the duality and thus a range between the two poles of everything – in matter as well as in any psychic (spiritual) element or vitality.

Life is the force that fills this dual existence. It operates between these two poles and we can perceive it as oscillations between them. In such a case we talk about life’s vibration or, in larger life forms, about life’s pulsation or swing.

Life is the pulsation between the two poles. It completes the Creative Work, which would be un recognisable without it. It couldn’t even be recognisable, since we wouldn’t exist without the pulsations of life.


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