The life energy – For the psychic component

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Josef Zezulka – BYTÍ – EXISTENCE
A Philosophy for Life


b) For the psychic component.

We are a mental (psychic) form situated in vast mental ocean. There are basic (we could say inorganic) mental powers and formed ideas of essential life swirling everywhere around us, pushing us, washing against our psychic component, influencing it or reflecting from it. We are ourselves one of the innumerable sources of mental activity interacting with its surroundings.

Let us remind ourselves of what has already been said. Exactly in the same way as the material component, the body, was formed and reformed in the course of evolution, the spiritual or psychic component was evolutionarily formed almost simultaneously (only slightly in advance). This continued over a long evolutionary journey and numerous reincarnations to human level. Our psychic part consists of qualities that are combined, strengthened or weakened by interaction with each other in some people. According to these qualities, individuals have various abilities, levels of understanding and relationships with the law of life. This is the fundament.

Man thinks. In his psychic part, a live process is taking place. Life swings between two poles. The longer a cycle is or the further the pendulum becomes from the centre, the more life is out of balance and the harder it becomes in all its forms (bodily, psychic and vital).

The value of thinking is quantitative and qualitative. The vital power of psyche is responsible for the quantitative value and direction, progression and selection of thinking are responsible for the qualitative value.

The psychic component, which is the human psychic form, has two obvious poles – positive and negative – which are evaluated in this way from the point of view of humans. Both can be strengthened by positive or negative thinking. Both are parts of one Podstata, therefore equal and it is ideal that both are understood and evaluated well so that the ideal spiritual balance is set. Since the negative pole still prevails in the human psychic part, we will be mostly interested in its antipole – the positive one. It means cultivating positive, constructive thinking, being interested in learning deeper and more accurate laws of life and in putting one’s mental attitude towards everything that exists into balance. To get closer to the meaning of life of the Creative Work and to understand its existence in order to reach an understanding of the eternal existence of the Podstata.

It is not the same if man cultivates positive or negative qualities. Cultivated things get power. And things that get power then form man. If man thinks positively, with joy and love about everything that accompanies him during his life, he strengthens the positive things which then help him and that which he later becomes. The things standing against him in negation and evil require understanding and kindness. It is necessary to not let evil unsettle him and provoke him to do evil. If somebody does evil against me, there is no need for me to do evil against him. Of course I must resist but I may never attack for revenge. A closed circle of evil would be created. Being able to think positively about my enemy inevitably achieves my unity with everything within the meaning of life. But I mean thorough REALISATION, mere nodding and discipline does not change anything within a man. Let us be aware that by discipline we influence only our fate in the next life. By understanding and changing of attitude we change ourselves.

And this is our point. Therefore we are going to cultivate only positive thinking, to strive for deeper understanding of the laws of life and the Podstata and for our more perfect attitude towards life. Only an ignorant person could cultivate negative and un desirable thinking – his enemy.

We have learned the basic structure of the psychic component. It is the lawful Creative Four; they are the fundamental four qualities. The centripetal force, centrifugal force, enthusiasm and peace. The psychic form of every man is principally the same, differing only in tuning and in the power of his qualities. If we are to work on its quality, we must direct our mental processes towards unbiased learning and accurate evaluation and then mainly towards the influence and transformation of its values. We attain this through goal-oriented thinking which is later transformed into meditations. It is however important that the thinking has the right direction. Therefore in human history some beings with the function of lighthouses, showing the right direction, have been born, are born and will be born. They are the ones who comprehend the substantial life (spiritual) truth without being interested in teachings available on the Earth, without having read anything of spiritual sciences or listened to any teacher. Of course, this is valid only for spiritual science. Other profane disciplines must be learned by the individual by normal studying. We are not talking about beings who receive tele pathically suggested thoughts of other beings, incarnated or not, and who then reproduce already known ideas with all their mistakes and immaturity. With these gifted individuals I mean those who have an innate talent to know – this talent manifests itself in a certain period of their material lives. According to the Bible they were for example Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Noah etc.

With the help of such direct teaching man can actively work on the quality of his psychic part. He can change himself actively, improve his evolution and make it faster, diminish or cancel suffering brought to him by the law of reflection. We call this process the voluntary spiritual journey and it is a higher level of the human evolutionary journey.


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