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Josef Zezulka – BYTÍ – EXISTENCE
A Philosophy for Life


a) For the body:

A lot is known about strengthening the body but there are many mistakes which man does not notice and he does not think many things through properly. In primeval times he lived peacefully and healthily. He was provided with everything he needed for life. If he was hungry, he stretched out his hand and took food. If he was thirsty, he went to a spring and drank. He felt neither hot nor cold. He had his natural thermoregulation – his natural clothes, hair, which bristled up automatically when it was cold and when it was hot again, it fit closely to the body and so it balanced temperature differences. Like any other creature in nature, man was provided with everything he needed for his life. Like all creatures, he was put into an environment for which he was perfectly adapted. Figuratively speaking, “he was living in paradise”. His fatal determin ation was to advance along his evolutionary line, to dedicate himself to his thinking to develop himself by perfect thinking methods towards a new cognition, proceeding through his evolution without unnecessary pains and sufferings. He probably lived very long. His natural way of life, sufficient sleep and natural food strengthened his immunity against microbes (natural resistance). He was able to resist beasts of prey and unfavourable weather with his intelligence. I think scientists’ reports that primeval man was only short-lived describe the time when he had already been trespassing the laws of his zoological species for a long time (e.g. he was already eating meat, using fire to prepare food, wearing furs). He decreased in vitality, he was declining and losing his resistance against the surroundings. This was unfortun ately not accompanied by the discoveries of medical procedures such as using healing herbs; this is why the average age was shortened significantly.

At present life expectancy has been un naturally prolonged by the advancement of medicine. It is, however, not because man has become healthier, it is because of the possibilities unleashed by developed medicine. Discoveries of modern medicines enabled the banishment of many infectious and often terminal human diseases, increasing human life expectancy. But we must realise that medicine has its limits and disadvantages. They are for example the addiction to medication and the resulting decreased effectiveness, increased resistance of microbes against formerly very effective cures etc. It is also possible to disrupt the natural bodily balance (homeostasis) by using high doses of medication or by taking it for extended periods of time. And so it is sometimes like robbing Peter to pay Paul.

A time will come when man realises he has moved far away from the natural way of life. Today he does not like to hear or contemplate it. But the truth remains the truth. Burying one’s head in the sand does not help the ostrich; neither does it suit man. We have sunk deep into our mistakes. But do we have to remain there? It is surely possible to make great changes, if not change everything. But it requires will power and thought. Mankind cannot instantly rectify everything it has been damaging for tens of thousands of years, but it can start rectifying the mistakes that can still be rectified by individuals. At least it need not do the most harmful things. It can set out on a sensible journey to improve itself and its life and gradually dispose of the worst things and misunderstandings.

There are many harmful things man has created. One is the unsuitable preparation of food that is the preparation itself. All creatures eat food occurring in nature suitable for their zoological species and which is in a form ready to eat as it is. Man alone cooks. It is unnatural and therefore not suitable to a certain extent because, apart from known and important substances for life, there are other substances of which the scientists are still unaware.

Let us acknowledge that every creature living freely in nature ideally eats fresh food, which means food still containing life powers. The capacity of these powers differs according to the kind of food. Some have more, others less. In others there isn’t any but such foods are eaten because they contain other useful substances.

Vital powers are contained in everything that lives. In food suitable for storing they are fully contained for example in seeds, grains and roots that are alive, i.e. in which the continuation of life can be triggered. They are able to germinate again and continue with life. For example nuts, grains or legumes. Roots: carrot, onion, celery, parsley and so on.

In leaves and marrows there is full vital capacity only when the fruit is still on the tree or leaves on the plant. When picked or cut, it vanishes quite fast. When a leaf has started to wither, the vital power has already left.

We are deprived of these powers in our food. In the past, mainly after the discovery of fire, man started to cook his food more and more and thus to make it poorer. Today, only a few people have the possibility of at least supplementing their meals with fresh food and only few of them do so. This applies especially to those who live in the country, who are in touch with nature and have their own garden. Only those can eat fruit just picked from the tree or freshly picked vegetables. With the concentration of people in cities this opportunity is disappearing.

Lack of vital powers in food is partially supplemented in different way, but anyway, our vitality is impoverished. Our vegetative nerves are not strengthened enough which leads to wasting away and to slow family degeneration.

Our food is deficient of vital forces; the remainder that may be utilised, for example in root vegetables, is destroyed by cooking. Using fire to prepare food has got one major disadvantage, which is slowly rising in the course of civilisation. Fire produces substances very harmful to man.

I divide the preparation of food by fire according to its harmfulness into two groups: 1. boiling and stewing. This preparation decreases values but does not produce harmful substances. 2. Roasting and frying. This preparation not only destroys vital powers but also produces harmful substances.

I shall briefly remind you of what was described earlier in detail: Everything that exists emerged by dividing the podstata part into 4 fundamental principles (elements – forces – podstata parts). They are: centripetal force (element of earth), centrifugal force (element of air), peace-coldness (element of water) and glowing, fire (element of fire). Everything that is material, psychic or force consists of these components and there is nothing not consisted of them. Therefore food is included as well. These components can individually influence or strengthen everything by their character. We are now interested in influence of fire towards the transformation of food.

If we take any food, for example grain or raw product made from flour and if we boil it, we will influence it with the power of fire but there is also water present which denies the power of fire. Water and fire together are one factor with two poles that are balanced. Hence it does not devalue the food. It divests fresh food of its vital power but it does not transform it into anything harmful. Nothing bad happens. The same applies to stewing where water is also present. A different situation occurs when we influence food only with fire, without water. It applies to roasting and frying, when fire engages its full-undiluted power. The crust on pastry turns brown slowly. Tar is created. The more baked the pastry will be, the more tar exhalations the crust will contain. When frying, we immerse the food into fat to prevent air reaching it, and tar is again created in it. When roasted, grain will turn brown until it becomes completely tarry (cofee).

These tarry substances are among the worst and most dangerous eaten by man. It is well known that tar is one of the worst carcinogens – substances that play the biggest role in the cancer process. Doctors cannot cure cancer yet; they just treat patients with cancer. Therefore they cannot have noticed how the healing process worsens if a patient breaks from a carcinogenfree diet. Some especially strong biotronic healers who are able to influence cancer processes towards healing (according to circumstances, of course, sometimes only partially, sometimes entirely) noticed how even a slight deviation from the diet damaged the healing process. This alone is sufficient reason for avoiding substances of a tarry nature produced by the unbalanced power of fire.

Let us also notice how the occurrence of cancer has sharply increased in recent years. This is caused by the lack of vital substances in food and by a superfluous intake of carcinogens that do not belong to normal food and to such a large influx of which the body cannot tolerate for a long time.

Man uses smoke to preserve food for a longer time not to be spoilt by microbes. He has no idea that it is one of the worst and most harmful ways of preservation ever.

Firstly, he smokes meat, which as we have said is not a natural food for man. Secondly, smoking is the PERMANENT preservation by tar, which means that we cannot dispose of the preservation elements before we start eating unlike for example dried or frozen food. Here, we eat the preserved food directly, this means food prepared to be inedible even for germs.

Even if we tolerated meat, let us see what happens to it when smoked: at first it is immersed into brine until it attains a deathly pallor, becomes disgustingly pale and ugly. Then it is put into a chimney where it is left to be soaked by tar. And when it becomes absolutely inedible, man eats it. This does not need any further explanation, does it? I just do not understand why we people have not thought about this and why they appreciate ham so much that they recommend it as a dietary meal for ill people or those recuperating after illness. When the body has reduced resistance and should get the best food, it gets the worst against which it must employ strong resistance in the liver and so it is burdened again. Surely nobody would recommend an ill person eat disgusting macerated meat from brine, supple mented with a pinch of saltpetre and a teaspoon of tar. Nobody would take each in succession. However, when one is masked by the other and together becomes quite tasty, a man lets himself be deceived. There are many people who eat smoked goods daily, some of them even more times a day. These lines may be worthy of contemplation and logical substantiation. Those who are not willing to consider them with reason and logic, let them excuse me for this reflection. The meat industry and some doctors who recommend smoked products will not excuse me.

The next chapter is on consuming tinned food containing preservatives. It is again a way of preservation where the preservative cannot be removed from the food prior eating. It enters the body together with the food. A long time ago tinned food was considered an alternative food in case of emergency when nothing else was available. Today, people eat it even when there is enough fresh food.

In the present economic system it is necessary to preserve seasonal food for the whole year. But in such cases it is possible to use sterilisation or freezing which is not a permanent method of preservation. It is suitable preservation for most food and it is harmless. If the meat industry used it instead of smoking, it would lose nothing.

When man moves and works, he employs his muscles. When he works intellectually, he employs his brain. Where a loss of energy occurs, the body replenishes it. It is not good to relax after a meal. There are nutrients nobody needs. What to do with them, then? They have to be stored in depositories such as fat. They stay in the fat’s tissue and do not reach the organs and muscles. Musculature gets weaker and fat increases. Therefore at least moderate movement or exercise is advisable after meal. But never relax after a meal!

There are more and more people who are overweight. They suffer from excessive and often badly-proportioned deposits of fat. The causes can be various. Sometimes it is excessive food intake, sometimes the lack of exercise, but there are also illnesses, endocrine malfunctions (malfunctions of the glands of inner secretion), when the hormone balance is disrupted. Many such cases are serious and the afflicted people do not realise it. Often it is inherited in families genetically. I know the cause of these malfunctions:

I hope not to express myself wrongly if I say that here the ill-conceived greed of human society revenges itself. People long for greater profits from fattening animals. They work hard so that a pig or goose is as heavy and fat as possible. Without realising the consequences, they artificially cause them serious endocrine diseases by selective breeding and interbreeding and they are successful. They breed species with serious hormone malfunction, which is then encoded in every particle of their body. When they have destroyed the animal so laboriously, they eat it and use its fat. The body can resist this malfunction for a long time. A man can according to his adaptive ability resist for years, sometimes even his whole life. When it however happens that the illness surfaces, it is too late. The disease of the animal adapts to the human body – its composition and conditions. Since the afflicted man does not recognise his disease and does not connect it with the disease of the consumed animal, he carries on eating bad meat and thus nourishes and fixes his disease. It then infiltrates his being and is carried to descendants, strengthened and passed on.

People afflicted by such disease, who still believe they should consume meat, should absolutely exclude meat from fattened animals from their diet. This exclusion must be really very thorough as often even a small portion of lean meat can undesirably exasperate the afflicted hormone system.

I do not mean that people should eat meat. On the contrary. This is just a reflection intended for those who have not reached the spiritual and cultural understanding and are not able to say good-bye to their habitual cannibalism.


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