The life of the universe (part 3)

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Josef Zezulka – BYTÍ – EXISTENCE
A Philosophy for Life


All beings, plants or animals, sometimes acquire a fate that belongs to them according to their quality and level of their evolution, and live it. We call this the acquiring of the corresponding fate of birth; further events are called the living of life.

All life’s events are of mental substance. A being perceives this varied idea, and its experiencing seems to it absolutely real. But what is the reality by which we support our entire life?

We can perhaps explain the problem as follows: Let’s now have a look around us. We are in a certain place; it’s a certain time. There are objects around us that we can see and touch. This moment and our surroundings – everything that we are experiencing now – is a certain reality for us. Let’s imagine that we fall asleep. We may have a dream. A different idea would have an effect on us. In our dream we would expe rience certain events. There would be objects around us that we could see and touch, we would hear, smell and taste. If somebody came to us and said that every thing was just of mental characters, that it was not real, we wouldn’t believe them. After all, our senses would be persuading us that everything was real. Then we would wake up and we would suddenly realise that our dream wasn’t actually real but just a dream. Only the situation into which we had woken up would seem real to us. But we would support ourselves by the same senses as in the dream. Who can say that he can’t wake up into another reality while reading these lines and consider the current events as a dream? But let’s stick to the reality of this reading. The dream was as real as events that we understand now. Both are of mental substance, just like everything. The dream was created in a different way. It was created by factors different from our current lived fate. But again it was an effect of events that are, like everything, of mental substance. There is nothing that would not be an idea. We have to realise that it is not that same kind of idea we know in human mental activities, it is mental substance and the value of everything that exists. It is the constant and multifarious (crystallised from the basic creative idea) consciousness of mental character which is happening in our time and that’s why we can understand it as events and procedures.

Our understanding of these actions is conditioned by our situation and quality. We considered the events in our dream real. After waking up we moved into the different reality which we are in now. If we died in this moment we would just move our perception into another reality and the current one we would again consider as a dream. Each of us is a unit that perceives small particles of the Creative Work. We call these particles the individual fates and we go through them with our perception according to firm laws.

We are. We exist. We realise our existence and our involvement in the events of life. We are an inseparable component of the entire existence, in which we take part with our perception and learning. We stand against the “Creative Work”, we take part in it but at the same time we are part of it. We have just tried to prove that everything is of mental substance. We consider this mental substance as reality and we call it the “Creative Work”. We perceive it as divided into 3 fundamental components.

They are: the spiritual component

(or psychic or mental),

the material component and

the vital component (or soul).

I choose the names to be as descriptive and as comprehensible as possible and to correspond as much to their character as possible.

These three components are components of the Proto-podstata. They have a common nucleus, and as we will learn later, they have the same fundamental character. They are same in the Podstata but diverse in the Creative Work. Here, they blend with their activity and they are inseparable. The fact is that a podstata part from which everything arose is stable. This separation is only within the Creative Work and in our mind.


The spiritual component is most similar to the term we know as thinking – psyche – the mind. It is the part that created, and in the course of our time still creates, events, shapes, situations and psychic forms (beings of everything). It manifests itself in forms of being as thinking. It is the spirit that is a plan of everything that exists and that also rules with everything that exists. It is nearest to the proto-podstata component of every being, nearest to its “notion of existence” . It is not the notion of “I am” – the notion of existence. It belongs directly to the “Podstata” from which it springs. The spiritual component as a part of the Creative Work only refines this notion and influences the being that forms around the notion of existence. The spiritual component influences the being, creates it and hence guides it through the levels of its evolution within the Creative Work.

The second component is material. It is the component that creates matter and everything material. This means not only palpable matter but also material notions. In connection with spirit it creates forms, colours etc. – everything that belongs to the realm of matter and material demonstration. As stated earlier, it is identical to spirit, we can understand it in this way only within the Creative Work and its division.

The third component is vital. It is the vital force that moves through spirit and matter. It is the oscillation of life – rhythm that is conditioned by its existence in the Creative Work. This is because it is dependent on time, which doesn’t exist in the Proto-podstata. It arose in the Podstata anyway. It is the component that persists in the Proto-podstata and manifests itself in the Creative Work in a way that is familiar to us. It is an agent of processes and procedures; it is the vital force, which we can give another apposite name – “Soul”. It is a soul of movement – of life.

These 3 parts are inseparable and with their arrange ment they form the Creative Work. We can find them everywhere together – every time in a different proportion, though. That’s because life is everywhere and in everything, as we will substantiate later.

There is nothing that would not be alive. Only we consider something as lifeless, but it is not true, in fact. When we speak about something lifeless, dead, or inorganic, we just want to describe a typical state of it according to our terms. We will stick to this description for better comprehension but we have to know that, in a deeper sense, life is in everything. From this point of view I will try to explain the Creative Work itself.


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