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Josef Zezulka – BYTÍ – EXISTENCE
A Philosophy for Life


The material body we can see, touch and explore with our senses has evolved through a complicated process. It was originally formed from the connection of inorganic (lifeless) matter with a psychic component and was converted into organic (animal) matter. Through a complicated evolutionary process it has evolved from the most primitive bodily form through more and more complex, evolutionarily more developed ones, reaching as far as man.

Simultaneously, perhaps a step ahead, the psychic form of a being evolved. From the most primitive, higher and higher to human form. It evolved earlier than matter because it is superior and it was actually the reason why matter evolved.

Matter as well as the psyche is penetrated by energy currents that are of the same genetic composition but manifest themselves in various ways according to the given area. In a living body half of them merge and create a single unit which I call “vital powers”. Apart from its current, half of both original currents are preserved.

Man is then an incarnated being at a certain spiritual level reached by an evolutionary process and consists of bodily matter, a psychic component and a vital component. All three components are identical in the Podstata. They are the forces which manifest themselves in these areas and therefore determining how they appear. Each of them consists of four podstata components – centrifugal, centripetal, agitating and quiescent.

At present, people are predominantly interested in matter. Their increased interest in technology was developing but understanding of life has been put aside. People have been learning about inorganic forces. For example electricity, magnetic force, geomagnetism, gravity, nuclear radiation etc.

Now, recently, the study of biological powers is increasing. However, the process is slow. Scientists discovered for example mitogenetic radiation but they have not worked on it any further. Biological (vital) radiation had been used by medicine men and healers for curing diseases for a long time, but since it was not acknowledged by the science establishment, they were proclaimed crack-pots.

Only a few years ago several scientists re-discovered earlier discoveries and they became interested in biological energies. A Soviet couple – the Kirlians – discovered a way of taking photographs of biological forces. With it, scientists’ interest in this phenomenon increased and the existence of biological forces was verified. Today what was already known long ago in spiritual teachings of highly developed cults is proven beyond all doubt. I shall try to explain my knowledge of the field, as I have understood it.

Complex vital forces or life forces (life energy) flow in the living human body and they are the instigators of all of life’s processes. When an embryonic cell is fertilised, the vital forces of the mother have an effect on the embryo. The whole body is formed according to her “mental plan”. The embryo in his mother’s body goes through the whole ontogenetic development. As life evolved on our planet through the course of time, from the first cell, the first unicellular creature to man, the foetal development (development in the mother’s body) progresses from an embryonic cell to the human body. All evolutionary phases are visible in the embryo. Foetal development thus fully corresponds with the overall evolutionary progress of all living entities on our planet. While evolution has taken several billion years, the same thing happens in a mother’s body in 9 months.

It is the same life-plan, a part of the form of the Creative Work, only projected in another area of the creation, and that’s why its time dimension corresponds with the given area. This plan belongs to the realm of the spirit (psychic, mental) and its accomplishment is mediated by the vital power (biological power, soul).

The quality and form of the psyche, matter and vital power is basically the same. It is already named as the Creative Four with its four basic qualities: centripetal, centrifugal, quiescent and agitating. These are used to assemble matter, psyche and vitality. I repeat, it is only one fundamental idea manifested in various areas and it appears accordingly.

It is then just one podstata idea (form, plan) in every living body, this idea manifests itself in 3 areas. Individual parts of the vital power which have the aforementioned quality of the Creative Four perform all life processes in the body. Together they form an inseparable part of every living body.

When a human body wears out and dies, the complex human being separates from the body, i.e. the psychic and vital component, and there remains only a dead body the matter of which has only the inorganic part of the vital component belonging to matter. Although the matter of the dead body is organic, it decays. While organic vital power was ruling it, the matter was subject to organic rules, being dead it is however liable to inorganic rules.

Essential life processes are always under way in a living body. They are of the four aforementioned kinds. In a healthy body they manifest themselves as follows:

1) The centripetal factor strengthens organs and cells in centripetal activity. It boosts their endeavour for storing nutrients, it supports the synthesis of nutrients, it partakes in concentration and clotting, it distributes nutrients into cells and organs. It causes clotting of the blood, ensures inhalation etc.

2) The centrifugal factor strengthens for example activity of the excretive organs; it causes the dilation of veins, exhalation, and metabolism – the degradation of deposited nutrients It takes part in analysis within the digestion of food; it simply opposes the centripetal factor with which it ideally is in balance.

3) The quiescent factor inhibits life processes. It inhibits agitation of all kinds. It takes part in healing processes; it inhibits inflammations and other exaspera tions. It soothes and balances increased bodily function. It helps with hyperplasia. In adulthood, upon life turn when the constructional maturing of the body turns into the destructive ageing of the body, it stops growth and all constructional bodily processes etc.

4) The agitating factor motivates tissues and organs to activity and growth in youth. It motivates everything, but it also agitates and exasperates. It takes part in oxidation and the combustion of substances. It is a counterpart of quiescent factor; it works against it and ideally is in balance with it.

These are the four fundamental elements of the overall vital power, which uses them to create all bodily and psychic processes. Within the psychic area they strengthen human thinking and provide it with basic direction and value. Their activity here for example looks like this:

1) The centripetal factor empowers mental posture with egocentrism and selfishness. It supports touchy thinking. It supports a selfish point of view when solving situations.

2) The centrifugal factor supports altruism, empowers the understanding of a living community, it solves situations with regard to others, supports compassion and others’ lives. It is the opposite of centripetency and they are ideally in balance with each other.

3) The quiescent factor has the effect of soothing, cooling, cool-headed thinking and prevention of fanciful thinking.

4) The agitating factor as the opposite of quiescent one brings about agitation, glow, enthusiasm, turbulent thinking, mental dynamic and enthusiasm.

Life is unending oscillation, constant swinging between two poles. The same applies to the vital part. There is constant swinging between centripetency and centrifugality and between heat and cold If both of these pairs are in balance, the ideal state of life results. The worse situation occurs when the balance is broken and one of the poles is stronger or weaker. Then there is a disharmony which brings vengeance. Then illness occurs in the body and the basic psyche, which having been cultivated in evolution for so long, is damaged. A small imbalance in a body is common. The balance is restored by the law of reflection or more advanced logical thinking. It uses medical or healing practices to restore balance in the body, and cognition and willingness for remedy and the correct development of the psychic form to restore balance in the psychic part.

Individual components of power upon their abnormal strengthening bring about sickly and undesirable changes in the body and psyche as follows:

1) The centripetal factor brings about the formation of stones and deposits, thrombosis, calcification of tissues, excessive storage of fats etc.

Within the psychic component it strengthens the ego; a man becomes the centre of his thoughts and puts his own interests above those of others. He acts regardless of the others or in distraction from the society. (Of people and other creatures he considers insignificant.) Within religion he concentrates only on self- understanding and strives for his own personal nirvana when doing various exercises. The centripetality is unhealthily strengthened here.

2) The centrifugal factor manifests itself pathologically by accelerated excretion and lack of use of nutrients, the inability to carry a baby to term, releasing immature blood cells into circulation, tissue atrophy etc.

Within the psychic area it is unhealthy, overdone altruism, leniency, neglecting oneself, tendency of the mind towards delusions and phantoms etc.

3) The quiescent factor pathologically manifests itself by over-attenuation. For example the attenuation of bone marrow activity resulting in anaemia. An un desirable reduction of activity in the nervous system, e.g. an unhealthy increase in activity of parasympathetic nervous system, insufficient activity of intestines, the attenuation of activity of the gall bladder where along with centripetal force it contributes to the formation of stones – sand, attenuation of activity of endocrine glands (e.g. some types of diabetes) and so on.

Within the psychic component it suppresses mental dynamic, it causes over-emotional coldness, calmness, indifference. It leads to laziness and excessive passivity.

4) The agitating factor manifests itself unhealthily in the body by increased activity of organs or cells. It leads to hyper secretion, hyperplasia, and exasperation of organ and cell activity, hyperdynamic. In connection with the centrifugal factor it leads to pathologic lysing, overdone and therefore degenerate auto-immunisation, it partially causes complicated allergic process; it is prevailingly responsible for malignant growths and so on.

Within the psychic area it unhealthily manifests itself through hyperactivity, aggression, fanaticism leading to unreasonableness, anger, hyper sexuality etc.

The ideal of bodily and psychic health is a balanced state of the vital powers of the body as well as the psyche (spirit) and the correct anatomical state of the body together with the right form of the psychic part. Man is not such an ideal and evolutionarily advanced creature as to keep all of these components in balance. Moreover, one of the evolutionarily turns happens in the period when the inner being becomes human. Man is a creature of crisis caused by the transition from passive to active evolution. This crisis has a very chaotic effect on thinking. By this we can explain nonsensical human behaviour leading to the pathological disruption of his body, psyche, way of life and the incorrect attitude to his life. It is one of great causes of human disease, anomalies and disrupted functions of the body and psyche which would not be so bad and frequent if we had been more critical. I mean the way of life which is so common at present with the majority of people and which is incomprehensible to a spiritually advanced and meditative person. It is an ill-conceived, illogical attitude and way of life.

It is not difficult to realise for example the harmfulness of alcohol. Alcohol is a nerve poison. We all know what effect it has on nervous system. Each of us has certainly had the chance to observe people who have consumed a large quantity of it. It such cases its effect becomes noticeably apparent. This applies to large amounts. But it has an effect even in small amounts when its activity is not so apparent. Man for example does not realise that having consumed what he thinks is a small amount, his nervous and psychic ability decreases. And when he traumatises himself often with such slight amounts, or even several times a day, he doesn’t realise that his nerves are not able to operate as they should. And if he realises it, he seeks the cause elsewhere.

Let’s think a bit about activity in the body. We sit down at a table for dinner and we evaluate by our sight our food in front of us. Either we feel like eating it or not. Our psychic (mental) stance begins activating our nervous system. The body is prepared for the intake of a certain food. Saliva is prepared in the mouth and the digestive system is alerted. Then we eat. The food goes through our stomach and digestive system. When moving slowly, receptory cells in the stomach and intestines report to the brain, what food it is exactly. Then, the brain sends orders back to secretory cells what digestive juices to produce so that the food is properly digested at each stage and its substances transformed into others that are more complex, which the body needs. Then, nerves take part in distributing these substances to organs and cells. Requests for the supply of necessary nutrients in the necessary order are carried by the nervous system, which performs this service. Organs and cells use it to ask for the disposal of used-up waste products and it again performs its complex tasks. Its activity is so complex and variable, so delicate and demanding, that we can only imagine it very vaguely in spite of the current state of advancement of science.

And in such a delicate and important process, man suddenly and inappropriately interferes. Perhaps by drinking “JUST ONE” small beer with his dinner. He strongly interferes in this process. He does not realise anything. He is susceptible to the habits of the society. After all, he always drinks a small beer with his dinner and has never noticed anything wrong. On the contrary, he claims it does him good. But that’s just his wrong conception.

Even such a modicum of alcohol is enough to un favourably inf luence the nervous system. It is true that the body protects itself against the effects of alcohol and it is often successful but when attacks are repeated, the digestion and distribution of nutrients starts malfunctioning. Man does not notice anything and hence does not realise how his health is slowly becoming worse. When a disease comes, then, he does not notice that it is actually the culmination of many errors, one of which is consuming alcohol. And we were talking only about “one small beer with dinner”. What about the larger amounts of it which man needed to get in a better mood?

It is not hard to understand that smoking is harmful. It is harder to understand why people get used to smoking. Where is the proclaimed human perfection which makes men different from lower creatures, when man is unable to comprehend even such an obvious thing that he deliberately and voluntarily harms himself?

There is a rule that is valid for life. Not many people are aware of it. The rule says that everything that is unnatural for man harms him. The body of every animal including the human being is constructed for the intake of only certain foods. According to this, each creature occupies its place in the overall fatality as does each and every important component of a complicated machine.

The being which has moved towards man in the course of evolution has gone from lower species – beasts of prey – towards higher ones – herbivores. Man is, as was said earlier, herbivorous by the construction of his body, to be more specific – he is a fruiteater. (Scientists use another term – “omnivore”. It is not however the denomination of a basic evolutionary species, it is just a perversion of one of the basic species – the “herbivore”.) A very long time ago in human history, man performed a religious ritual during which he ate a piece of meat of another creature. This was due to his primitive approach and imperfect religious comprehension. He believed that he would obtain the muscular strength of the creature and that by eating a piece of his brain he would strengthen his psychic substance. So he began eating meat. More and more until it was part of his diet. This error was added to the other mistakes; the resultant harmed his body, his spirit as well as his attitude towards society.

It has all been mentioned before but it is necessary to remind you again before saying something about the common intake of powers.

Life of the body, the psychic and vital components are processes. Constant action and constant transforma tion, their constant manifestation of life. Their energy constantly fluctuates, is discharged and recharged. Man actively and passively gains powers and discharges them in the same way. We will be interested in their common intake for:

a) the body, b) the psychic component, c) the vital component.


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