The meaning of life

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Josef Zezulka – BYTÍ – EXISTENCE
A Philosophy for Life


Every being from the lowest to the highest seeks, according to its abilities, the meaning of life and the meaning of its own existence. Every principal religion asks about the meaning of life and many deep philosophical schools seek it.

The question of the meaning of life is eternal. As we are very much interested in this problem, I will talk about it and make it clearer, according to my human abilities. It is not going to be easy, since we are just human.

We ask what the world looks like. We climb a mountain and see the horizon. We can see the entire world but it is not the entire world, actually. We go down from the mountain; go to the horizon and from there we can see another horizon. This applies to the meaning of life. Every time we think we have found it, new and deeper pieces of knowledge appear, more horizons open up before us and we learn further, more deeply. We are now humans on our evolutional journey. We may try to understand as much as we can comprehend as humans.

Everybody tries to understand the meaning of life from his own point of view and according to his abilities. There are superficial conceptions, deeper conceptions and those that are very profound. Let’s explore them.

There is the meaning of life of

1) man

2) the inner being

3) the Creative Work

4) the Podstata

These are the steps to a deeper comprehension of the problem. To such a comprehension man can reach.


The Meaning of Life

1) of man – is not insignificant. On our evolutionary journey we have come as far as to the human species where there is a border between passive and active evolution. We were not born in vain; each of our incarnations has great importance. When the border is crossed and active evolution is reached, the will and decision-making assert themselves more than beforehand. This newly obtained ability, if asserted correctly, gives much to men. It can make evolution faster and easier. However, this is possible only when it is used well. And here we see the nucleus – one of the meanings of life. To deliberately strive for understanding and tuning to the best human quality possible to make evolution faster and easier.

The one who learns regularities and approaches the unchanging truth of the Podstata will soon understand his state which is out of balance compared to the balance of the Podstata from which everything arose and to which everything proceeds. We have emerged from unity but now we are in duality. We comprehend each law of life in two poles and this existence of two poles guides us through our entire life of being. And not only this. We ourselves have two poles. Each of our qualities which make us human has its anti-pole and unfortunately each one inclines prevailingly towards one pole to the prejudice of the other. It usually inclines towards the negative one, but in either case, such a quality lacks balance.

Man finds himself on the evolutionary journey. His interest is to go along it easily and quickly. While he was at the passive evolution stage and learnt as a result of his deeds, he suffered by what he had prepared himself. When he is going through active evolution, he should comprehend as much of the great truth as possible and amend himself accordingly. It is however a change and change is one of the meanings of life.

Let us then examine the process of life as it appears in the course of reincarnation. Every being expresses its quality through its deeds. It lives and acts according to the qualities it possesses and the condition of those qualities. The law of ref lection brings the manifestation to the following lives in which the being experiences the situation it had earlier prepared for itself. It passes through them and learns. The meaning of these events is the attainment of the balanced state in the being during the course of its evolution. When the being reaches the half way point of the human evolutionary species where it begins to put the law of reflection in peace and active evolution starts, it is still the same. Man starts deliberately working on his own qualities, widening and upgrading his philosophical basis, learning and thus changing. Human life is hence not in vain.

The meaning is in evolutionary change leading to a higher and better next life.


The Meaning of Life

2) of the inner being. While the meaning of life of man regards only his own human interest and change (in his spiritual journey), the meaning of life of the inner being is naturally much deeper.

Let us put ourselves in the position of the most primitive being ever emerged, which we can perhaps call the “virus” and which goes through the line of evolutionary species towards the most perfect highest being that can occur within the Creative Work. It is one single life of that creature as if there is one human life from birth till the incarnation into new life.

Here it comprehends its “I”, its notion of existence, and it also comprehends one incarnated life (one of the specific lives) as we comprehend one single day. The being obtains experiences from individual incarnations into which it is born during the course of its life. Through living successive lives it gains experience from which it evolves and grows. But it does not store all the experiences and perceptions. Only those that have been imprinted deeply into its consciousness (our sub-consciousness).

It can be compared to our consciousness. We store strong perceptions that we find important into our memory but we do not store those which are only superficial – to which we do not engage our mind. The same applies to sleeping. We can remember some dreams when we awake, while other times we only know that we had a dream. It is always a matter of how deep into our consciousness we imprint an accepted or created thought.

Our deep inner being only uses strong perceptions. They must be strong to make sense to it and thus to be useful. Only from strong perceptions the inner being grows and evolves in its life. Its evolution is directed to the Podstata from which it emerged. The notion of its existence separated from the central existence and immersed into the successive perception of the Podstata – into time and began to sense unity in its separation as diversity. On its journey through evolution it perfects its consciousness through the obtained experiences to widen and release the existen tial “I” to a gradual understanding of other “I”s as itself. To prepare itself for the general merging with all the other “I”s (notions of existence) into a single perception, into perception of the Podstata – “I am everyone who exists”.

It emerged from the Podstata and it is returning to the Podstata. It cancels the notions of diversity and time; it is “everyone, always and everywhere”.

This germination and realisation of self in a disassembled state as well as in the assembled constancy is a manifestation of latent duality in the unified notion of existence, in the highest “I am”, and it is actually its life.

Action in inactivity, relating to the notion of existence, to the notion of “I am”, is one of the meanings of life of the inner being.

To put it in other words: not to sense oneself but to widen ones own notion of existence for every thing. Every other being is actually me, there is no other being, I am just “me – everyone”, in unity. The “I” of a being grows gradually and then unifies with the other “I”s. If I wanted to express the same in other words, I could say that

one of the meanings of life of a being is that the “I” of an individual being becomes everyone who exists.

This is also a partial goal of our effort. And what is the sense of this action? It is a manifestation of the eternal and constant “I am” in time, in the disassembled state. For, in the eternal Podstata, time – the anti-pole – must exist as an overall quality of timelessness. This results in the disassembly of the notion of existence and its observation in the course of time.

Then there is another partial factor which is the second agent determining the meaning of life of the inner being. It comes out of the fact that all the Creative Work is now, finished in the timelessness and unchanging. For us it is fate or the events of the life we go through as we perceive it. It is a compact grouping of fates of everything, in all periods of time. There is neither past nor future which we can perceive because we go through them within the force of time, there is only enduring present endowed with life by us as spiritual units. Fate is not as planar as it appears as we pass through; it has another dimension relating to the quality of all things, events, actions and processes. Our human “I am” connects upon birth with the overall fatality, to be more precise, into one of its fatal actions, which it takes as its own fate. It then lives this as one of its many lives. It puts all the quality of its “I” into its life and lives the given fate according to this quality. It goes through finished events in their dimensions and influences them towards good or bad.

We are thus a complementary component of the Creative Work. We are the component that fills and revives. We are the power having an effect on its reviving and strengthening quality. And it makes a difference if we fill it positively or negatively. After all, the time will come in our continuous higher cognition when we feel in our consciousness to be everything and everybody.

The influx of negative powers brought to the Creative Work by ignorant people and weaklings knocks it out of balance, loads a burden on it and, since “I am everything”, it burdens the rest of us as well. It is then another purpose of the life of a being to be a positive component of the Creative Work. To create good and easy conditions not only for all people but for the whole of creation. Man must realise that he is set upon this world to serve all living creation, not to try and enslave everything and act as a super ordinate master. He should try to cultivate and improve the fatality. After all, in later higher cognitions we will at some time realise that I am everyone and if I make the effort to improve everything, I will improve myself.

If mankind could realise this, if it could remove egocentrism from its mind and behaviour and if it could establish altruism, the world would be a good place to live in again. Man will realise this partial meaning of life and he will be happy. Furthermore, everything will be happy.

The meaning of life

3) of the Creative Work. Everything that exists, that we sense as reality is of mental or spiritual substance. The fact that we speak about matter and spirit is only the viewpoint of man – an imperfect human perception. There is only thought, and nothing exists that would not be thought. All events of live that we observe, that we go through and that have an effect on us, are only arrangements of spiritual powers, their combination and their mutual effect. This amazingly great mental combination stands against our substantial composition and its variability multiplies. It is the action, what we call reality, simply everything that exists – any time and place.

The reality we are so convicted about is the Creative Work perceived either as our own material situation or as fatal events – the overall fatality consisting of the individual fates of everything.

The Creative Work is a much more complicated problem than we might ascertain from our human point of view. We only partially perceive it, according to our evolutionary maturity, which is not as remarkably high as most people believe. With our mind we cover only an insignificant part. It is larger than that of all the animals living at one time, but as a whole, it is just a minute part – such a part that we are able to comprehend with our proportional intellect.

We have understood the Creative Work as a great finished idea, expressed without dimensions, which we observe only with our limited intellect in the course of time. We have understood it as a part of the Podstata where all unity may be sensed as disassembled even though it is not; it only allows an observer to sense it in this way. We are the observers. In our understanding there is the ability to see its poles in unity. Gradual comprehension is then our course of life (fate). It creates and substantiates our existence.

The Creative Work is a part of the Podstata in its full quality. It differs from the Podstata only by the fact that it is limited in terms of dimensions and time for us and that it is gradually comprehended in the notion of time. It began and therefore it has its end as well. Since it is identical with the Podstata, it contains everything that is in the Podstata. There is unity as well as duality, time as well as timelessness, dimensions as well as no dimensions. Everything is there with its latent duality which manifests itself in rhythm to become unified again. This rhythm is life. It is the same in the Podstata, motionless, but manifested in a regular rhythm within the Creative Work. We may compare it to the rules of breathing. The eternal Podstata rhythmically develops into a duality to become unified again in the next stage. This inhalation and exhalation of the Podstata is the beginning and the end of the Creative Work.

The manifestation in the non-manifestation, the expression of one’s own eternity in the disassembled state and time, is the Creative Work’s meaning of life applying to every “I am” when it realises that it is in fact everyone and everything. When it comprehends the duality of life as a unity, the course of life as the disassembling of unity in the advancement, and self as the Podstata.

The meaning of life

4) from the point of view of the Podstata. We looked quite deeply when we dared to ponder the meaning of life from the point of view of the Creative Work. We are only human and despite the state of deep disassociation at the high spiritual level of evolution, our comprehension is only relative. We are separate from the Podstata and we are in evolution within the Creative Work. We are not able to think fully about the meaning of the Podstata and its existence. Perhaps we may try to estimate this highest of problems. We will use the knowledge of the law of existence available to humans.

Everything that exists emerged from the Podstata and divided according to the law of life. This law is in a constant state of peace in the Podstata. The quality of all existence and life is in motion. It is in a latent state in the Podstata; otherwise it manifests itself from the quiescent Podstata into the Creative Work in an attempt to assert itself.

Everything within the Creative Work is accompanied by life and therefore must be connected with the Podstata as is everything. It manifests itself by the regular rhythmical swing analogical with for example breathing. In the Podstata this swing is in equilibrium and its dynamics is manifested only when the course of time is set. The course of time must be in balance and it is therefore rhythmical.

Rhythm in the Podstata cannot be in motion as we usually comprehend. Here, it is a form, shape, one of the building blocks of the Podstata. Therefore we may perceive the Creative Work as an inevitable manifestation of the eternal and infinite Podstata.

If we leave the question concerning the meaning of the existence of the Podstata, we may assume that the meaning of life of the Podstata is the quality of existence of life dynamics, which is a part of the Podstata. Since this manifestation is bound to the course of time, it can assert itself only when separate from the Podstata – only in the Creative Work. The Creative Work emerges and ceases to exist periodically.

It is the emanation of the Podstata which returns back to the Podstata. It is the life’s swing that is the meaning of life of the Podstata. It is a latent and manifested inhalation and exhalation of the Podstata, its nutrition and static life.

We enquire of the meaning of life. We seek it and we are not the only ones who do. All higher religious teachings that have touched the depths of the spirit ask about it. I am assuming that man is the first creature within the line of evolution that wants to know more and more about it and is never satisfied. He is usually never satisfied with the depth of his comprehension because he anticipates getting even deeper. It is unnecessary dissatisfaction, though. One day, the full understanding of the meaning of life will flow itself into the consciousness of the eternal “I am”. Nothing ceases to exist. Everything just changes rhythmically and according to rules since the change, too, which we know is bound to time, is a fixed and constant form of the Podstata in its overall beingness. And we people think only within one insignificant stage of one eternal form.

Perhaps it will be useful to remind ourselves of the following:

The universe breathes. Its breathing is manifested in four phases which are incredibly long in our perception of time. It will last for perhaps many billions years until the universe starts glowing. After this period of time a centrifugal impulse will go through the universe. Glowing gas creating planets will centrifugally disperse throughout the universe. In another impulse – centripetal one – the universe’s gaseous matter will again begin to concentrate around centres of force and planets will again be created. They will start cooling down in another impulse and their gaseous and glowing matter will start condensing and then becoming solid. The cooling of the universe will continue to its maximum when the last suns will fade away and there will be only frost and solidity everywhere. Then again, the glowing impulse comes, followed by one of dispersion, then concentration again and cooling. This is the breathing of the universe. Constant and rhythmical.

The periods of the breathing are incredibly long from our point of view. And now let us realise that our existence as we know it is included in one very minute part of a period of cooling. We know our “I am” only within this tiny fragment of the breathing of the universe and we are not able to imagine its further development.

The universe breathes and changes constantly in four phases. This rhythm of existence is in everything that exists, it is always the same, only manifested according to the character of the podstata area. The “I am” changes within the universal breathing and its variable environment. It is not only bound to the conditions known to us at present time. It exists all the time and everywhere. It exists on glowing suns, it is in the dispersion of the universe, in the freezing con ditions of the cooling of the universe. It exists all the time and everywhere within all stages of the breathing cycle.

The inner being we have observed from the lowest form of a virus up to man and which we have said goes on as far as the highest perfection of the notion of “I am everything that exists” will eventually finish its one life stage. It will finish one life cycle to begin another one in slightly different conditions of the universe. Like one specific life follows another one to form (as a whole) a single life of the inner being, many single lives of the inner being form one cyclical being. And many cyclical beings again form one universal being and so on. There is incessant composition, incessant breathing, and incessant life.

Where then is the uniqueness of human existence of which people are so proud? How can we seek the meaning of life only within the limits of human comprehension? Let us contemplate this problem. Let us contemplate it thoroughly since its deeper understanding will deepen the understanding of the meaning of life as well.

Then everything will seem so petty. But nothing which is a part of a whole is petty. After all, a big body would not exist without small cells. We are human and let us stay human. Let us try to be a positive component of the Creative Work since this is a partial meaning of existence of our “I am”. Let us contemplate the great existence of everything as described and let us try to find our place in it.

Great understanding is astounding. It is normal. But each amazing step of understanding is only a starting point towards even greater understanding. It must not stop us on our journey and it cannot do so. The unit of intelligence still evolves – guided by the podstata intelligence – “God the Father”. It evolves rhythmically, it breathes in four phases as does everything. It evolves in coldness, glowing, centripetency and centrifugality, it evolves in these four creative principles which form it along with its environment.

It was, it is, and it will be so. This is what I present, anybody who wants to can take as much they can.


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