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Josef Zezulka – BYTÍ – EXISTENCE
A Philosophy for Life


The existence we observe around us is the Creative Work, lasting in timelessness and changing in manifestation of time. It is a large formation where human life is like one cell in a human body. This is where human being occurs. So small that it is half way through the overall evolution of animals. The being has already been described in general terms but now let’s look at it in more detail.

The being has been through many many lives. Millions of years passed on Earth during which the being became more and more complex until it was complex enough to be able to incarnate into the first human life. Originally it was a life of a very primitive human, animal instinct and qualities from the past life were still present. These instincts would gradually weaken but at that time they still were there. The first human life differs from others quite considerably. Human gets himself into a standing position more often than before. It is obvious. After all, he is beginning his third evolutionary stage (active manifestation of life and active evolution, see the chapter on evolution). In the first and second stage the being was more bound to the ground – to material life – mentally and with acts connected with material existence. Its bodily position corresponded to its psychic manifestation. In the lowest life forms the being was spherical. It was the first cell – single-cell life. It started getting longer and aligning itself horizontally with the ground (i.e. worm, snake or lizard). Then it drew itself from the ground and stood on its legs but still in the horizontal position. Later it began to stand (for example the monkey) and in human form it already has an erect position. The position of the body and the ground is a matter of evolution which corresponds to the evolutionary state of the psychic component according to the analogy with the law of life.

Man gained experience of human life. As in every zoological species he had been through before, here he began with events related to matter, material existence and his material manifestation. He became familiar with his surroundings, reacting to them, living through experiences related to human existence, learning to evaluate various situations and respond to them. His first interests concerned getting food, ensuring his security and resisting his surroundings, for example meteorological phenomena. It was an effort to maintain his material existence. His new human qualities slowly awakened from latency – qualities that were to grow with the process of evolution. Man very soon started to think about life and began to anticipate the wider correlation of the laws of life. Initially it was only very primitive, it wouldn’t be possible any other way. At that time he was incarnating into periods when the first religious ideas and speculations were emerging. Owing to the heritage of previous animal incarnations they were only animal and primitive. And man kept on reincarnating.

He gradually went through many many human incarnations, he took human or regressively lower fates during various periods of the Creative Work. He acted and his decisions and acts were due to the law of reflection manifesting themselves in his next lives, and thus he learnt from his mistakes. Slowly, after numerous incarnations he reached the opportunity that had already been given to his human species in the first human incarnation, but still awaiting its awakening. The opportunity of enabling him to set out on a deliberate evolutionary journey was slowly awakening in him. It was an opportunity and an ability to recognise more than just the raw material of existence. He slowly drew towards the realisation that there existed something more than what his material senses presented to him. He began seeking more – he set out on a journey of higher understanding that started, as every beginning, from observations and combinations. At first he thought about nature, its phenomena, he tried to explain them and categorise them into laws of nature. Then he started to recognise that the processes were controlled and he began to anticipate some intelligence that is the goal and intention of all events. He was reincarnated into times when cults existed that corresponded with his advancement. And so the human being proceeds, on and on. If it stops sometimes and reverts to lower lives, it is really necessary for educational purposes. This usually happens when man is unable or is prevented from understanding the correct relationship with other creatures.

As was written earlier in the chapter on evolution, approximately half way through his incarnations man has thoughts, meaning some active evolutionary activity.

Let us look at man in more detail.

Firstly, it is inevitable to get to know oneself. To watch one’s own being correctly, to assess its composition, abilities and its possible development. Let’s forget about the false conception that man is the most perfect entity in the universe. It is only human narrow-mindedness that allows such an idea. The human is a creature like any other. His life is valued the same as that of all the other creatures. We differ from them only by our intelligence but our value is the same.

Let’s recognise that man is a creature in about half way through the evolutionary line and that in the course of time there will be evolutionarily higher creatures here who will perceive man as we perceive a monkey, mouse or worm today. Evolution does not stop, it goes on and on. The fact that we live in a time when there are no higher creatures here does not permit us to have false ideas about our greatness within the universe. I am writing this just to remind you of what was already said and to stress out the importance of it since acknowledgement is the launching pad for further ideas.


In my inner perception I have understood the human being as follows:

Man possesses:

1) consciousness

2) sub-consciousness

3) super-consciousness

Let’s explain:


1) Man’s consciousness begins with his incarnation into a new body. It is the superficial consciousness of a single specific life he lives. Through the new brain a newborn connects himself with his new life, environment, fate and events. He stores them in his memory and for all his life he is connected with his surroundings via his brain. He learns, understands and creates his specific being. He analyses and synthesises his perceptions and experiences with his brain. He stores events in his memory, when he needs them he recalls them and thus founds and uses his consciousness. He lives through experiences and events sometimes lightly and superficially, sometimes deeply. They are usually the perceptions that touch him emotionally. Strong experiences or emotionally deep thoughts that he feels with all his being penetrate from his superficial consciousness into the sub-consciousness. As if there was a strong divider between consciousness and subconsciousness which can be opened only by emotions. Superficial experiences which cannot penetrate remain in possession of the brain – of the currently lived specific life. They cease to exist together with the brain. For the inner being they are only idle products.

Two factors assert themselves in the consciousness. They are reason and intuition. Reason has always been cultivated by mankind. Intuition has always played the role of Cinderella. Hence, people have broken the necessary balance in the composition of their consciousness, in its creation as well as in the ideas and acts produced by such a broken consciousness. That explains why there is so much misunderstanding in today’s world.


2) Human sub-consciousness is actually the consciousness of one’s inner being. That being born at first into the lowest possible life and then moving through all incarnations towards the greatest perfection of being. This is its dimension, shape and consciousness. In it the inner being stores lessons from individual lives it has lived and grows from them. We cannot remember our past lives. After all, each such life was experienced by a different brain, but all of them are more or less stored in the memory of the inner being. There are such cases recorded and verified where an incarnate recalled his past life and stated surprising details about it (names of friends, relatives, exact place of residence and times). This was examined, verified and found correct. I was informed about it by some scientists or press. These rare exceptions, which happen upon special evolutionary constellations, can occur only with people who find themselves in their evolution on the transition from the first area to the second one – this will be dealt with later on.

The sub-consciousness is the consciousness of the inner being which sometimes manifests itself as intuition or conscience. It is con ditioned either: by a) higher sensitivity of the individual – higher emotionality of man draws itself closer to the balanced state of superficial consciousness, and that’s why this consciousness is more predispositioned towards accepting messages from the sub-consciousness. Or b) by greater evolutionary perfection of man providing he has developed more in balance and that his psyche is not at all deformed.

3) Human super-consciousness.As I have written earlier, there is no time. There is nothing that was or will be, everything is constantly present. Our inner being lasts, only we perceive its existence in the course of time. In the same way as it is possible to learn about the sub-consciousness by our emotions, it is possible to reach the super-consciousness. This is however very rare and occurs with some of the most evolutionarily perfect individuals. Items of knowledge in the super-consciousness refer to the material sphere of existence but their quality and strength are already that of the overall existence of the Creative Work. Thus, from the point of view of the Creative Work they reach the highest creative sphere and the unity of the Creative Work. It is not inspiration; this belongs only to the middle sphere – sub-consciousness, for which it is often mistaken.

It is the penetration into the highest existence of the Creative Work that carries the knowledge of the highest laws and the highest existence – still within the Creative Work, though. This is the peak a man can reach on his journey. It happens when he transits from the last – third human sphere into the consciousness of the infinity. It can also happen when such a being returns of his own will in order to help people on their journey with his consciousness of the truth of life, and to give them the correct insight concerning spiritual teachings.

I speak here about evolutionary spheres of a man and so I have to explain it. It is as follows: Everything is identical with everything. There is only one vibration – we may call this the podstata nucleus of existence. This vibration manifests itself into various spheres where it appears only according to the given sphere. For better understanding:

We can perceive one specific vibration as colour, shape, scent, sound but it still is the one vibration, only perceived by various senses.

The quality of human life of course adapts during evolution. It is a vibration as well; we might convert it into colourful image or sound, shape or scent and so on. There are certain sensitive people who can see the aggregate human vibration – the quality of a being. They are some seers who are able to see the radiation of the quality of a being as an aura around the body. The aura has certain colour according to its quality and this is the basis of the radiation. Since thought is also vibration the basic aura transforms itself at the end of its rays into a show of colours that corresponds to the individual’s thoughts. However, the basis stays the same and its colour and intensity reveals the quality of the being. The invention of Kirlian photography enabled one to see the radiation that had been so far perceivable only by seers. The Kirlians – a Soviet married couple – developed a way of taking colour pictures of it verifying its existence.

The same vibration can be perceived as a scent by sensitive people with extra-developed smell. The same can be perceived as sound and so on.

All beings of the Creative Work, be they grass, trees, lower animals or humans, are equal. We are only at different levels of evolution in various times. One who is highly developed today was also grass or a worm long ago. And the being who is a worm today will be a developed man in the future. Our evolutionary form is placed in the time dimension and each of us is placed some where else within it. Some are evolution arily shorter while others are longer, some began earlier, others later. Each of us is just a single cell of one large organism which we first help create, and which we then identify with.

We can express it graphically as follows:

All creatures are equal.

I repeat: all creatures are equal. It is highly advisable to contemplate this law (the most important for the correct approach to life) thoroughly and then to identify with it. Those who have done so will never cause any suffering to the lower creatures and weaker individuals but will try to be a positive component of the Creative Work at all time and everywhere.


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