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Josef Zezulka – BYTÍ – EXISTENCE
A Philosophy for Life


There is no past. There is no future. Everything is now! The Creative Work endures in its motionlessness. The past and the future are simultaneous. Only we, our “I am”, rove in the completed events and create the notion of time in our minds. We live moment by moment, leaving one to enter the next. A particle of the Creative Work – our fate – unwinds itself in our consciousness as a film. We progress through the predetermined actions whose reality has an effect on us, and we observe other fates around us.

Let’s imagine the Creative Work as a body made up of cells. Each cell is a certain action, a certain fate of something or someone. Everything that occurs around us has its own fate, its own action. A stone, a plant, animals including humans, things, manmade and natural objects, thunder and lightning, a cloud high in the sky, a raindrop falling from the sky. Everything is a part of the Creative Work, where it has its place and action.

With our being’s consciousness we entered the Creative Work at a certain place, we stepped into one of the cells or into the completed action that we call “our fate”. We go through the completed action (fate) by the evolutionary movement we call “the course of time”, and this we perceive (experience). We may as well have entered any of the others in different periods of time. It could be compared to standing in front of a bookcase choosing a book – on the left or right, on the upper or lower shelves. We choose one of them, start reading and perceiving it fully. We are drawn into the time of the plot and the plot develops and unwinds in front of us. In the bookcase, the plot was completed and static. It had no time. Time is created in our minds, as we progress through the plot of the novel. If we knew the story in advance, we would picture the whole contents at once.

The Creative Work endures. Time is introduced to it by us. Actually, we don’t bring it time. It does not need time in its static existence. We create it for ourselves so that we can perceive successively.

Upon our birth we enter one complete fate. We enter just the one fate (not a different one) since we lawfully correspond with it by our mental composition, psychic quality, position in life and finally our level of evolution. We act and show ourselves in our lives according to our quality and way of thinking. They are the expressions of ourselves and so automatically become the factors that proportionally participate in determining our next fate. But only proportionally. There are also other factors that participate. They are the influences and relationships of our surroundings with us as well as our relationship with the surroundings.

To put it in other words: our acts express our quality and level of evolution. They are carried into our subsequent lives by the law of reflection. They are the key factor in searching our next incarnation – our next fate. But not the only ones.

Let’s imagine that we deal with various people within our current fate. We feel more or less friendship towards them – aversion or indifference. By this we attach ourselves more or less to them. This attachment may be only momentary and weak or, if we befriend them, lasting and strong.

It is not unimportant whom a man meets, but what really matters is who he gives his friendship to. People who we were attached to draw us by their influence to their future fate and we are bound to them with our friendship towards them. This is the reason why for example people with the same deform ation of their psychic form shouldn’t meet each other and strengthen their bonds, or why evolutionary high beings do not emotionally attach themselves to anybody too much but, on the contrary, try to love everything the same. I do not mean the relationship of individual people towards each other. If this kind of relationship had not existed, mankind would have stopped reproduction. A man must have a relationship towards another person but unlike evolutionary lower individuals he is not a slave to the relationship.

To put it in other words: he puts his relationship towards certain people (parents, wife, children) into his consciousness of generality compared to a man of lower evolutionary level. Otherwise his personal bonds would become one of the factors determining his next incarnation. Hence, our quality and acts together with this life’s side effects determine our next life. Accordingly families and societies sometimes stick together during many reincarnations and beings incarnate many times into the same nation or the same countries.


Existence is eternal. The pulse of life and evolution exist only within our mind. It appears like our mind was successively observing the pulse and evolution. The Crea tive Work lasts and comprises of individual fates of everything. We successively reincarnate into human fates that we sense and live through. These fates are pre-destined and we accept them in this completed state. This means that events and progresses are fixed, only we do not know them in advance. This is caused by our evolutionary imperfection. If a good seer stood by our cradle, he could see and describe the life ahead of us and our fate. The same applies to an experienced astrologer. After all, we know that visionary people exist and that astrology gives us convincing evidence about its ability to compare movements of planets to earthly human fates. As if a momentary constellation of the stars and their movement were an encoded pattern of the same existence and action on our planet. If an astrologer can calculate the position of stars at any past or future moment and if he can decode their position and transfer it onto being and action of this particular moment, he can find out what happened or will happen and how. Astrology has already provided much evidence about this and can add more any time. Its existence is justified and the results are real.

If we admit these possibilities, then they become evidence that fates are predetermined, complete and that we enter something that is pre-completed, that we will just experience. This is true but we must know something else so as not to become fatalists.

Everything is in duality and there is nothing which would not be in duality. A finished and fixed fate is the “will of God”. On the opposite pole is the “will of a being”, in our case the “human will”. This is only one law with two poles. Human will has free manifestation of itself within the given will of God. A man experiences his given fate according to his evolutionary skills and performs acts corresponding to his quality – what he is able to do. How is this possible in a fixed fate?

Fates are not two-dimensional, they have other dimensions. They consist of events, one on top of another, they are interwoven like beads on a string. This string is an axis of the fate. Each fatal event has its own dimensions, its shape. Let’s imagine that its quality increases upwards, its quality decreases downwards until it becomes the worst. Events are not positioned on the fatal axis with their centre, each one is positioned differently. Some are positioned with their better part on the axis (shifted downward), so its upper, better part lies on the axis. Others lie on it with their centre, others with their worse part. If we were going along the axis, we would find each event in a different position, and thus of a different quality. In addition to this, events are put on the axis in various inclinations. Some of them are inclined from front to back, others stand perpendicularly, or askew with lower part closer and upper further away. That is the direction from the top down. Events are positioned from back to front, too.

In each position they draw closer or further from those fates adjacent to ours and which influence our events by the force of their events. So we may imagine a particular fate with its events as bars of differing lengths, each of which is drilled in a different place (some further up and others lower down) and threaded on a string on which it occupies various positions from top down and from front to back. They form a sort of a hedgehog with bars pointing in all directions. Moreover, the bars are diversely rickety.

A man with his free will goes through the events in a way he is able to, but not exactly on the axis of the fate. He goes through the fate for example in an irregular spiral, sinuously for a while, sometimes above the axis, sometimes below it, he crosses it from front to back, and so he roves around his fate all the time.

When, for example, through his position and decision-making he draws his path above the axis, he goes through his events in their better quality and improves his fatal perception. When he lowers his path below the axis, he goes through all the events in their worse quality and he experiences his fate as harder.

Let’s remember in this reflection that events are not positioned to the axis with their centres, they lie on it, some of them higher, others lower. It can thus happen that a man is going above the axis, he improves his events, but he comes across an event that is worse even at this height. This event stands on the axis with its lower part and its better part is thus high above the axis. Then this event seems unfavourable to the man, but it would be disastrous if he came across it below the axis. Some events may not reach the height of the man’s path above the axis allowing him to miss them. And vice versa.

The man makes decisions in his fate. He asserts his free will in acts which he is capable of doing. This means that it depends on his thinking, his stance in life, his moral quality, simply at what level of evolution he currently is. A fortune-teller or astrologer can only predict the average of the human fate. This is why some of the events he foretells as certain do not happen during the manifestation of the fate. Even the departure of a man from his body cannot be determined exactly – only approximately. Death happens during the course of a man’s fate when he encounters a very hard event at its worst. More such events occur in life, mainly when the man is old, they are usually more common in this part of life. The life of a man does not end with bodily death, it continues. The man experiences it without his body and therefore somewhat differently. That’s why a man who leaves his body deliberately (by committing suicide) in a hard life situation gains nothing. In most cases it is the other way round. With this deed he lowers his path through fate far below the axis and then it demands a lot of work to lift it up again. Of course, one deed is not the same as another even though it may seem so to us. We cannot be judges of human acts in such situations. There is also suicide as the result of self-sacrifice, when a man knows that if he lived on, he would damage others, or in such cases when a man puts his bodily life in danger for other or higher goals even though he knows that we will probably die. And there are also suicides which we consider to be suicides but they aren’t because they were committed in aberration. A man shouldn’t rely on such circumstances because he could damage his being’s evolution very much.


A subsequent fate is not determined by the man alone. As mentioned earlier, there are more factors at play. They are side effects from events and people. But there are also incarnations of evolutionarily very high individuals who, unlike other people, need not reincarnate again but they still do. People have to reincarnate. It is the matter of evolution, the law and pulse of life.

There are evolutionarily high beings who have already understood their unity with everything and who already feel to be everything and everywhere or who have deeply understood the meaning of life and its actions. These beings in many cases reincarnate to help to increase current spiritual level of the period by their presence among people. For example, each 2000 years one such being is born into the turn of periods. This being then has to accept an available human fate, with all the difficult hard events. From the human point of view it is a sacrifice but this being does not feel it so. After all, it is done for the whole which the being is itself, and the ideal balance in understanding the centripetal “I am” and the centrifugal “everything” is present. This is a symbol of the meaning of life and the evolutionary spiritual journey.

And that’s why Jesus, who was the one who knew and who was incarnated into the turn of periods, could say, “I am” = the way, truth and life!

This proposition was then misinterpreted by people as a result of their ignorance, but that is another story.

A man is born into such a fate where he belongs. His next incarnation, which happens for evolutionary reasons, is determined by his quality and the deeds arising from the quality, life stance, side effects from other people, interpersonal relationships and so on. We may say that everything a man does will return to him. Human acts within the overall fate must maintain a balance. A man completes the events of individual fatalities through his life force. It makes a difference whether he enacts them well or badly when the balance is to be created. The man lives through his fate and leaves a certain quality in it. But the fate lasts in the timelessness. It is a preserved action like a record on a tape. We can play a record back anytime; we can return to the music anytime we want. The same applies to fates. We live through the fate. We leave it and it is the past to us. Well, it is the past only to our imperfect thinking. The fate lasts on. It was here before we entered it and had been experienced all the time. It will be here forever and it will be experienced forever. The beings that experienced it have left their force in it. It is the worst, the best and also balanced all at once because there is no time. It has its qualitative dimension, too, which is variable for us who experience it in various times.

We lived through for example the period of Hitler’s concentration camps. From our current perception the period is over. Well, it is not. Those horrible fates are again and again experienced by those who deserve them, just like we can play a record that we played yesterday over and over again. They are those who cause similar horrors in their fatalities with their evil. And not only in human fatalities, it applies to the fates of other beings as well.

We often hear people say: “How could God tolerate such evil?” They do not consider that a man has free will and that the horrors were caused by men, and if men caused it, they must be able to face it, too. It was a hard lesson, which man prepared for himself. It was actually his own ignorance that prepared it. We stand in horror before what was happening is such concentration camps but we close our eyes before the fact that now, in this moment, after such experiences, many people are preparing the same to other creatures. Does not a man build concentration camps and death camps for hens and pigs by building factory farms where thousands of creatures wait for their death behind wires? Isn’t this the concentration camp that the man will have to accept in another fate? It is an act of man, an expression of his imperfection, which removed his compassion towards other creatures. The law of reflection returns human acts and positions and thus seeks another fate for the man on his evolutionary journey. Man must recognise the price of life and his solidarity with other creatures to be able to proceed higher. But how do we put this into his consciousness when he is not able to think this problem over and reason it on his own?

There were two doctrines here in the past. They seemingly were stood against each other. One doctrine claimed that a man could reincarnate back to animals in his next life. It had been probably reasoned as was just described. The second doctrine claimed that a man could not reincarnate back to animals, as his evolutionary form is more complex and perfect.

The psychic form must with its complexity correspond with its bodily form (it must be its bodily counter part in the material sphere, in the sphere of bodily forms and relationships) This means a more complex psychic form cannot unite with a less complex (evolutionary lower) material form or the body of a lower creature.

This is true. But the others are right too. A man must through redressing understand what he wouldn’t be able to understand in another way. Are these two doctrines in contradiction? No, both are right. How is it, then?


I experienced a vision. I saw a man with a tailcoat but I knew that under his well ironed festive clothing there was an unclean body. The man came to a river in which he was to wash himself. Of course, he did not enter it with his cloths on. He undressed, left his clothing on the bank, got into the water, washed himself, and when he was clean and dry again, he put his tailcoat on again, freshened himself and then he looked the same as before, but now he was clean.

The man who must reincarnate back to lower creatures (and this applies to most of mankind at present) cannot be born there in full human substance but only with the parts that correspond with the given evolutionary creature. The others must be left in his sub-consciousness for the time being. As soon as he passes through all the lower incarnations and learns the hard way, he takes on the parts which were put aside (which he had not perceived in his sub-consciousness) to become the same human he was before. This time he is cleaner and more perfect. And that’s why the school of thought claiming that a man cannot be reincarnated into lower creatures is right. Man is not reincarnated there, only a part of him is. The second idea claiming that we can or have to incarnate into lower creatures is right too, as I have just explained. Incarnations into lower creatures is not a way back, it is just a deviation for learning purposes. It hurts and delays evolution but what else could be done with people who do not even consider or contemplate such obvious matter, who do not adopt the right posture towards others and do not act accordingly?

The fate is predetermined, it’s events fixed but it has its dimensions in which the being moves freely via its decision-making. Let’s proceed with our visualisation that every event has its wideness. With it, it draws closer or crosses a different event from a neighbouring fate. They influence one another to a certain extent. Upon stronger influences a man can be affected more or less by a neighbouring fatality, or he can himself affect the neighbouring fatality. But the axis of a fate has the power to hold its own being and when the being swerves away, it draws it back again.

It is as if the man were attached with a rubber band. The more power he produces to divert himself from his fate’s axis, the stronger the pull is drawing him back. I’ll explain it better here with this vision:

I saw a snow covered hill. From the top there led a small valley all the way down to its foot. A skier was descending in it. His path was determined by the valley, which had easy gradients on its sides. The centre of the valley was bumpy so the skier didn’t want to go in its centre. So he was using the left side from time to time, then the right. The ride in the centre was convenient but anytime he skied up the sides he had to work hard to remain there. He slackened in a while and returned to the centre of the valley.

The same applies to human fate. A man sometimes puts in all his energy to change it. He succeeds for a while but it costs him more dearly than the benefits he obtained.

There was a man who was poor in his fate. He was rebelling against it. He stole quite a big amount of money but he was not enjoying it for long. He was discovered, lost the money and damaged his fatality for a long time.

So how do we make decisions in our fatality? If I realise that “I” am everything despite the fact that I do not feel so in the current (approximately central) evolutionary stage, I know that wherever there is an imperfection within the Creative Work, it is my imperfection. Then it is right to be a positive element in the Creative Work so that I can become a balanced element later. To do good things around myself. If I pass a puddle in which a bee has fallen, I will get it out. Imagine yourself in the position of another man, another creature or a plant. Imagine that YOU are the bee in the water. It loves its life just as you do. Its life has the same value as yours, doesn’t it? Help it so that you can be helped too when you need it. Do not be a destructive creature. This is a quality assigned to a low evolutionary stage. Its antipole is constructive. Both poles should be balanced, and they really are within higher forms, but they still do not apply to our life so far.

A living being can be destroyed, a dead one cannot be brought back to life, though. Therefore never destroy lives. Do not kill and do not be the cause of killing.

This truth was known to the great spiritual leaders who presented it to people. In the teachings of higher and undistorted religions, refrain from eating meat is put above all. Quite rightly too.


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