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Josef Zezulka – BYTÍ – EXISTENCE
A Philosophy for Life


c) For the vital part:

The vital power or biological power, bioenergy, life power, soul, is divided into two streams. One strengthens and energises the body – its processes. It works as the life of matter. The second energises the psychic part and in connection with the first manifests itself as overall life. Since both streams have the same origin, they swill around and mutually complement each other. Their potency is variable. It can rise or fall in one of them or both as a whole.

The vital power directs itself to where it is more necessary within the body. If man does physical work, it flows to the muscles, if he works intellectually, it flows into the brain. It is similar with material nutrients. A gymnast training his muscles provides them with more nutrients while an intellectually working individual nourishes his brain more. The steady direction of vital powers towards the body of the psychic part is more or less gradual, not sudden. I don’t mean by this that a manual worker lacks vital power in his psychic part and vice versa. The working part is strengthened more intensively. Therefore an intellectually working person should have enough physical movement to keep his power balance and the manual worker should dedicate himself to intellectual activity in his free time.

The vital power is replenished mostly passively and sub-consciousnessly. We get part of it with our food – only fresh food in which life has been retained; we get another part through breathing and sleeping.

By breathing we get not only oxygen but also vital power replenished from the great cosmic source. There is a constant reservoir of it. Its incessant stream flows through the entire universe and through everything which is alive. Breathing is far more important than many people think. It not only supplies the body with oxygen and vital power, it also introduces and adapts life’s rhythm which is as important as the bond of vital potency to the time dimension.

The Creative Four must of course assert itself in the vital power as well. There must be the elements of earth (centripetal), air (centrifugal), fire (agitating) and water (peace). Apart from drawing on the vital power by breathing, beings (including humans) draw on also the four fundamental elements as follows:

The centripetal element: The vital powers are drawn mostly through the soles of feet, partially through the surface of the whole body and partially through palms of the hands.

The centrifugal element is taken by creatures mostly through breathing; through their hair or feathers they draw on both centripetal and centrifugal elements. By this, flexibility and the nervous system, where nerve impulses are enhanced, are strengthened in the power mode.

The element of agitation is taken up by creatures prevailingly through the surface of their bodies and partially through breathing.

The peace element is prevailingly drawn through the palms and feet, and partially through the whole body.

All four elements together are abundantly drawn on during sleep.

Reception is not the same with all creatures as far as quantity is concerned. If a creature lives in contact with nature, as most (except man) do, it receives a full complement of vital power automatically, according to need of that individual creature.

With humans it is different. When we moved away from a normal and natural life, we broke the regular flow of vital powers and deformed their composition. A long time ago man began to wear the skin of other creatures. He made his natural hair redundant and it dilapidated in the course of time and fell out. Then he isolated his feet from direct touch with ground by wearing shoes. He began influencing his food by fire and thus he destroyed the vital power by cooking.

To summarise: As soon as the automatic reception of the vital power or its elements was disrupted, the body began to degenerate. Today our reception is very limited and it is manifested by sickness. As was already mentioned, it is true that increased an sickness rate is suppressed by the continuous development of medicine but it is permanently shying away from reality and robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Man has his personal vital level, each of us slightly different according to his and his ancestors’ way of life. The level is maintained mostly automatically. He lives on this basis. Accordingly, some are more vital than others. Replenishment of this basic level is weaker or stronger – depending on individuality. Nobody can however consume the whole amount at once. He can only consume part; the other part is kept as a stand-by to cover larger and unusual expenditure. When a man uses up the first part, he feels tired and must relax. Tiredness then has the function of a control unit.

We manage our level according to our will. We overload our substance occasionally or regularly and we replenish it more, or less. We direct the powers within our body differently, either to enhance our brain or muscles or to strengthen our sexual potency.

If a child is to be conceived, it is necessary to concentrate the vital power of the mother as well as that of the father into the sexual intercourse. Both of them direct their vital power downward – towards their sexual organs in their sexual ecstasies. Here they unite and either discharge in vain or fulfil their purpose.

It is also possible to draw on vital powers and direct them towards the brain. This is not only about strengthening mental potency but also about enhancing the vegetative nervous system or increasing the sensitivity of the centres of reception. To meet this aim various psychosomatic exercises – more or less effective and suitable – were created a long time ago. In religious doctrines that use exercises, the most famous and widespread technique is to draw on vital power through breathing.

The vital power flows through the entire universe. It is an overall inorganic power – roughly and in accurately speaking – because it is not formed organically and it is not present in organic processes. For the time being. It is analogical to inorganic matter which also has yet to be present in organic processes.

Besides this, we also have organic vital power around us, already connected to being in great variety. The manifested life of beings radiates it onto the surface of our planet. It is mostly the vital power of plants and forests. Therefore we are refreshed by spending time in nature while the environment of cities discharges it, bringing us down. There are techniques of taking vital power from trees but this will be dealt with another time.

The vital power is formed into a certain composition and shape according to its evolutionary species of creature or plant. It is formed analogically to the shape of the body of the psychic form. In the course of its function this form, apart from fluctuating in potency, also wears out and partially transforms during illnesses. It has been known for a long time that a living body radiates a so-called aura – or to put it in other words – radiation of vital power forms known as a plasmatic field around the body. This fact has been verified by scientists who have discovered a way of taking photographs of this radiation of the vital power, even in colour. According to its colour the radiated quality can be discovered; its intensity can be ascertained according to the width of the radiation from the body. Dark colour or disruption of plasma appears above the location of the illness. This can help with diagnostics and, what’s important, science has finally verified this ancient piece of knowledge removing any doubt concerning the radiation of vital powers.

Scientists noticed one interesting thing. They were keeping mice in a terrarium for experimental purposes. When one of the mice became ill, it pushed itself through the healthy ones and rubbed against them. Why? It was perhaps aware of the fact that by rubbing it gets rid of diseased plasma and receives vital power for its healing from the other mice.

There are people who posses a special ability to pass their vital power on to others and heal them with it. This ability is conditioned by stronger or a really strong flow of vital powers through their body so they can replenish it quickly when passing it on. Each man can to a limited extent deliberately pass his vital power on an ill person. This power however might not be formed correctly and suitably for the disease or it might not be as universal and sufficient as the power of a skilled healer. Those who do not have the described ability and still pass power on must be aware that they give it from their reserves and are deprived of it since it is not replenished quickly. Man does not recognise his vital exhaustion as he does physical exhaustion. If he exhausts himself too much he could harm himself.

We call those who have the ability to pass on their vital powers and heal according to their forwardness magnetisers, healers or sanators. We call the branch healing or biotronic. In the Soviet Union it was known as bioenergotherapy.


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