The birth of a child

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Josef Zezulka – BYTÍ – EXISTENCE
A Philosophy for Life


In the embryonic state, where a child starts forming in his mother’s womb, the vital and psychic forces of his mother together with his father’s genetic factors influence this formation. After about half of its foetal life the new being that is to be born is connected. This is an average; the time of this connection is very individual. Sometimes it happens a short time before the delivery and until this the parents’ influence is in full control. The timing depends on the quality, state of advancement and the new fate of the being to be born but also on the influence of the parents. For example, if the quality of the being to be born corresponds with the quality of the parents, it usually connects later. If it is different, it connects earlier. It is as if a being that differs from its parents has to adjust the production of its bodily form with its influence since the quality of the psychic part must correspond to the qualitative features of the body. This is predestined by the laws of life with no possibility of our intervention.

The child is born. A new specific life begins, another in the sequence of numerous incarnations. There is a new brain which perceives new impressions, a man begins again from the very beginning of his new existence. He looks around, acquaints himself with the environment and installs himself in his new fate. Strong perceptions from the last life stay in the subconsciousness or in the consciousness of the inner being or, in other words, in the being of the Creative Work. And now, just like being awake during the day and sleeping at night take their turns in the life of a man, lives within the inner being’s own perception will take turns with the inner being’s specific lives. The further the inner being progresses within its evolution and the more perfect and self-possessed it becomes, the more it will sense its existence in connection with its specific lives when the time comes and the perceptions unite.

This is the foundation of what is for mankind sometimes a very mysterious eternal life. Existence is eternal. The notion of “I am” and the perception of existence. This notion of existence – the notion of “I am a unit and I perceive” embraces the whole existence as two poles. Firstly, the constant perception of everything without time and dimensions and secondly, the gradual perception of everything, is here. These are the two poles of the law of existence, of the nucleus – of the Podstata – of God.

In the progression of perception, which is the Creative Work, the insight into the podstata part occurs and in it the progression as was described before.


Josef Zezulka - Bytí - životní filosofieJosef Zezulka – BYTÍ – EXISTENCE – A Philosophy for Life
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