The law of reflection

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Josef Zezulka – BYTÍ – EXISTENCE
A Philosophy for Life


What is the law of reflection? An evolutionary law of life without which evolutionary progress wouldn’t be possible. This applies especially to lower life forms where development is passive.

A being moves through life and it continually makes decisions concerning its fate. It makes decisions concerning everything. From the smallest details such as the movement of a leg or hand to the complex process of judging and decision-making. And this is where the law of reflection is brought into play.

Entire events – everything that is – last forever, in timelessness. In our experience of this existence there is progress – division. That means that within the division, the entire existence is in two poles. Each of its particles, each event is divided into two identical poles with the opposite meaning. Everything within the Creative Work is in duality, even we are dual (dualists) and we can comprehend everything as dual. For example, we understand events that are progressing as being divided into good and evil. The law of existence is divided into birth and death, into life and death. And still it is one law with two poles. For example, coldness stands against heat and evaporation against condensation. And still, in the static state, it is always the only one law with two poles. Our life’s progress and our own manifestation of being always swings like a pendulum between two poles. We make decisions between two poles, we act between two poles, and we ourselves are bipolar.

We emerged from the Podstata and we are returning to the Podstata. In this Podstata both poles, wherever they belong, have the same value. They are parts of one law in which they are balanced. Balance is then the aim of life. We set out from the balance and we are returning to balance. Only during the period of evolution in which our being obtained the ability to make decisions, did we cause everything to be out of balance through our evolutionary imperfection and ignorance. For example we always oscillate between good and evil. We are not able to assess this correctly. Our understanding is not in balance and our manifestation of life or our deeds appear accordingly. Sometimes we are rather inclined towards good, other times more towards evil and our psychic part is then formed accordingly. Our attitude and understanding are at the base of our actions. Since we are an active component in the Creative Work, we operate within its overall fate as an element of force, which very often strengthens its fatalistic actions incorrectly. In this way we harm the whole as well as our own inner being, which is progressing through incarnations towards perfection and re-integration with the Podstata.

But the balanced Podstata influences the evolutionary progress of a being already in existence; this influence does not permit large deviations. It applies pressure towards correction and I call this evolutionary pressure, which is a lawful part of life, the “law of reflection”.

Every being that moves through the events of life is liable to this law. Especially a lower being, a being somewhere between the first animal and human in its evolution, and which is still passing through its passive development.

It is as follows: Everything that a being does – good or bad – returns to the being, usually in its next life. This is so that the being learns and experiences its deeds on itself. Then, since the events created by the reflection come in its next life and since the being doesn’t remember its past life (memory is not carried from one life to another), it lives through the prepared events unaware.

Deeds from its past lives – actually the whole destined course of its live – are stored in its brain, in its memory. In its sub-consciousness – or in the consciousness of the inner being – only those perceptions are stored which are very emotional and important from the higher inner being’s point of view. Awareness of other events stays only in the memory of the brain. Here only things that are unimportant for the development are stored, things that were not experienced emotionally, with deeper perception, things about which we were informed only sketchily, everything that was perceived more rationally and less emotionally. That’s why the sub-consciousness doesn’t receive things learned rationally and having no connection with the development of the being – it can even be for example an entire science subject that we had mastered. However, the inclination towards a certain science or art that we really loved and experienced in a deeply emotional way deeply remains in the sub-consciousness.

Things that are stored in the sub-consciousness, with the benefit of the emotional part, become the property of the inner being and help it to reform itself in its evolutionary progress. The superficial, mostly rational, things are the property of the brain and cease to exist with the death of the brain. That is why a newborn being does not know its past life. Only the voice from the sub-consciousness, known as the “conscience” remains. This penetrates into the consciousness.

Destined events of the new life that reflect the deeds of the past life are immediately experienced by the newborn. He for example does not know why he suffers, why fate is so cruel to him, he only receives and lives through these blows. He lives through them more emotionally than if he knew why he suffered. Unexplained experience is more valuable for enlightenment arising from suffering. It is therefore a better teacher, which can shape the inner being much more effectively. And this is actually the goal. This is how the deviations and deformations of inner beings are remedied. They could hardly be remedied in another way.

The law of reflection continually accompanies a being. It is impossible to cancel. It does not cease to exist. Only beings at a higher evolutionary level can put it into peace.


Josef Zezulka - Bytí - životní filosofieJosef Zezulka – BYTÍ – EXISTENCE – A Philosophy for Life
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