A period of crisis

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Josef Zezulka – BYTÍ – EXISTENCE
A Philosophy for Life


Four zodiac eras were earlier described in their quality and progress. Just to remind you, each era lasts for 6000 years and is composed of 3 two-thousand year periods. Each six-thousand year era carries its influence towards events on our planet. They are centri petal influence, centrifugal influence, quiescent influence and exciting (fire) influence. Two-thousand year periods have the same influence complementing the fundamental six-thousand year ones.

As astrologers say, the whole cycle of the zodiac lasts 24000 years. During this time, 6000-year eras stand twice against each other and create periods of great crisis. Firstly, it happens when a quiescent period changes to a period of fire. They are two antipoles, two antagonistic influences which clash upon meeting at the changeover of periods. Secondly, another period of crisis occurs when a centripetal period changes to a centrifugal one. Again, two antipoles meet and their clash afflicts not only the overall events on the planet but also human thinking. A way of life changes; new opinions arrive and old ones vanish. The new ones take rule.

We can understand such a turn well because we currently find ourselves in the midst of one. We are leaving a centripetal period and entering a centrifugal one. While the centripetal egocentrism is still in human minds, the thinking of men is slowly becoming influenced, as if from a distance, with centrifugal altruism. According to the evolutionary forwardness of individual people its effect is more or less chaotic. People act foolishly, as if they did not understand themselves. Many do not know which philosophy to adhere to. Some support the old and oppose the new ways of thinking while others already understand the new way of thinking but stand against the old. The variety of opinions is increasing; it provides a greater chance of manifesting the evolutionary level of individuals without them noticing. A crisis in human thinking emerges, resulting in a crisis in interpersonal relationships. Centripetal elements stand against centrifugal ones in the minds of individuals as well as those of bigger entities such as families, societies or nations. New political views differing diametrically opposite from the old centripetal ones are coming forth. Philosophical thinking of individuals and later of larger units is moving towards a centrifugal basis. Old religious doctrines are losing their hold and a new religion – altruistic – is rising. The same also applies to all events on our planet. Two poles meet and cause (figuratively speaking) clash and friction – A PERIOD OF CRISIS – on the place of intersection.

This is a period of intersection of two antagonistic eras of the zodiac, but the period is not the only cause of the present human crisis. The second cause is the man himself. A being on its evolutionary journey suffers a crisis when moving from the passive into the active manifestation of life. This is the step from vegetal life into animal life. While up till now the being existed in passivity, the new oncoming activity is something so revolutionary for the being to cope with so the being suffers its first big crisis. In the course of reincarnations into higher evolutionary species the being gets used to the new situation and the situation is then natural to it. Life becomes stable in this situation. The second crisis comes to a being moving towards the active evolution (see the chapter dealing with evolution). For this being the active manifestation of life has already become routine but it still has passive evolution (which is liable to the law of reflection). Man is the crisis creature in evolution. Within human incarnations, the slow transform ation from the passive into active evolution is happening. It is man who is the first creature within the line of evolution to begin to come to terms with the law of reflection and his critical ability to begin to take his evolutionary journey into his own hands.

The intersections of the antagonistic eras of the zodiac has always happened on the planet when there wasn’t life in a form as we now know it. At the time, 

When man then emerged among creatures as a being of crisis and, furthermore, a period of crisis obstructed his way, these disfavours cumulated and man suffered a big crisis and revolutionary changes. We currently find ourselves in such a period of crisis. No wonder, then, that there is chaos in human thinking. Man’s principle of thinking was knocked out of tune. Intellect on one hand and intuitive perception on the other are out of balance. That’s why man can use his intellect to create that which destroys him. This applies to the material sphere. Within the spiritual sphere the crisis afflicts his thinking which should be redirected to his brotherhood with everything and to the notion of “I am everything that exists”. How fast this transformation happens and how fast the new scientific religion finds its use will depend on how many evolutionary lower and higher individuals are incarnated among us. The evolutionary higher ones will accept the new teachings faster and more easily while the lower ones will stick tenaciously to the old teachings for a long time.

And what about nature? How will it react to the period of crisis? Will new botanical and zoological species emerge? Will Earth’s zones change? Will it be warm where it is cold today and vice versa? Will some continents disappear and new ones appear? We will see. The centre of the crisis period is not far away.

The last period of crisis occurred approximately 12000 years ago. It was when a quiescent period was transforming into a period of fire. Then, the Earth’s axis of rotation probably tilted. The poles moved. In the warm zones permanent cold took rule and the polar zones grew warm. Ice melted, sea level increased and the biblical flood came. It perhaps happened like this. I do not know for sure, these are historic events which are not important within the great truth. I know that great crises take turns regularly and lawfully, that they manifest themselves according to the evolutionary situation and that we currently find ourselves in one such crisis. May the owner of the eyes that will read this recognise the great law of life and learn to think according to it.


A period of crisis does not cause only evil. It must also be good within the law of balance. It is just a factor which shakes all events in certain time rhythm. Periods of crisis manifest themselves not only in the aforementioned 6000-year eras of the zodiac. They do so upon all shifts of antagonistic influences within all areas of the Creative Work.

I wrote about the life rhythm (breathing) of the entire Creative Work and all its areas. We must realise that each of the four eras of the zodiac takes its turn and has its genetic influence. This life rhythm together with the fundamental influences (I-E-U-A*) take their turns in all areas upward from the described eras of the zodiac as well as downward.

One overall cycle of the zodiac lasts 24000 years. In this time, the fundamental eras with their influences take turns. But these 24000 years as a whole have their own overall character as well. So within 96000 years there are 4 occurrences of 24000 years, each of which has its own centripetal, centrifugal, quiescent and fire character. The overall 96000 years as a whole also have their character, which takes turns with other three characters. This continues on and on.

The universe pulses in these four eras, one of which is centripetal when the matter of the universe concentrates around magnetic centres in the universe. Another one is cold – we currently find ourselves in this one. Then we have an era characterised by glowing. The last is centrifugal – characterised by dispersion of the matter of the universe. The same pulsations, influences and periods of crisis between the transitions of antagonists. And this one universal cycle is again liable to one of the named influences. Another cycle is liable to another influence. In this way these four influences of the “Creative Four” take turns and between each two cycles there is a period of crisis.

And it goes on and on like this, in the rhythm of the Creative Four, its influences and crises.

As we have observed it upwards, we can do it downwards. The same picture, only manifested according to the given area. If we were able to observe events in unimaginably long periods of time, we would see where great periods of crisis concentrate, cumulate and increase in power. Then we can only imagine what great epoch-making events occur.


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